FRENKEL Zakhary Grigoryevich

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FRENKEL Zakhary Grigoryevich (1869 — 1970) is the Soviet hygienist, the academician of AMH (1945), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1945).

Yuryevsky ended in 1895 (nowadays Tartu) un-t, then worked as the intern of the Obukhovsk hospital in St. Petersburg, since 1896 was a health officer in the New Ladoga County, then on the Peterhof site. In 1902 — 1909 organized and headed provincial sanitary bureaus in Vologda and Kostroma, made and edited monthly «Medical and sanitary reviews». For political activity was exposed to repressions. In 1900 it was sent from St. Petersburg, in 1901 — from Novgorod, in 1909 — from Kostroma. 3. G. Frenkel was elected the member of the I State Duma. For signing of the Vyborg appeal calling for failure from payment of taxes and military service in protest at dissolution of the Duma and about d-vergsya to imprisonment. In

1910 — 1911 gave a course of public medicine in To l iniches to about m in-that usoversheis t in in and-niya (nowadays Leningrad I'll of DUV) and in Ying-those experimental medicine; in 1912 — 1913 in Psychoneurological in-those (nowadays Leningrad sanitary and hygienic medical in-t of M3 of RSFSR) were conducted by a course of public medicine. In 1919 headed department of public medicine (since 1922 — department of social hygiene) the same institute and directed it till 1951. At the same time headed departments of social hygiene, hygiene and sanitary business Leningrad polytechnical in-that and department of utility hygiene Leningrad GIDUVA.

3. G. Frenkel is the author of St. 300 scientific works on social and utility hygiene, demographic and sanitary statistics, gerontology, including many capital works and monographs.

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Sketches of territorial medical and sanitary business, SPb., 1913; Reorganization of medical and sanitary matter in Petrograd, Pg., 1916 (sovm. with other); Social hygiene, century 1, Kharkiv, 1923; Public medicine and social hygiene, L., 192G;

Lengthening of life and active old age, M., 1949.

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