FRENKEL Semyon Romanovich

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FRENKEL Semyon Romanovich (1875 — 1937) is the Soviet radiologist and the radiologist, professor (1929).

In 1898 ended medical f-t Kharkiv un-that and worked in one of BC of the city. For participation in revolutionary movement in 1905 it is sentenced to imprisonment. After release it was elected the member of the I State Duma, and after its dispersal it is again committed to prison (1908 — 1910). In 1911 emigrated abroad and for several years specialized in the field of a radiology in clinics of Berlin, Vienna, Paris. After the victory of Great October socialist revolution organized and until the end of life headed X-ray radiological department Ying-that for treatment of tumors (nowadays Moscow research oncological in-t of G1. A. Herzen), and since 1934 also — department of a radiology of the 1st MMI.

S. R. Frenkel is the author of 47 scientific works on topical issues of a radiology and radiology. The and-nichesky researches devoted to studying of the mechanism of action of x-ray emission on cytoplasm, and also a blood plasma of mammals are known it ekspe-rimentalno-to l; a therapeutic effectiveness at malignant tumors of x-ray radiation of the blood emitted from an organism, and then returned in it; antiinflammatory roentgenotherapy. It one of the first in our country successfully applied the methods of radiodiagnosis based on use of radiopaque substances in clinic — en the c efat about gr and f iyu (see), p and ate with au g a raffia (see), etc.

S. R. Frenkel was an editor of a redotdel «Radiology» of 1 prod. BME, one of founders Moscow about-va radiologists, the member of presidium of All-Union association of radiologists and the chairman Russian about-va radiologists, the delegate of a number of All-Union congresses, and also the international congresses of radiologists and radiologists.

Works: The practical application of encephalography, Brit. J. Radiol., v. 31, p. 264, 1920; The Newest methods of surgical radiodiagnosis, M., 1928 (sovm. with

Bruskin Ya. M.); Die Encephalographie bei psychischen und Nervenkrankheiten des Kindes-und Sauglingsalters, Acta radi ol., Bd 14, S. 349, 1933 (sovm. with Koshev-nikov A. M); 1 Ltd companies of cases of an intravenous pielografiya, It is new. hir. arkh., t. 134, book 1-2, page 140, 1935 (sovm. with Gottlieb Ja. G.).

Bibliography: Ayzenstein A.

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