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FRECKLES (ephelides) — the nevus pigmentosus which is not towering over the level of skin, not shelled, not causing subjective feelings. Spots of brown or yellowish color, small, rounded or irregular shape, are localized symmetrically on a face, the back of forearms, brushes, is more rare on a back, shoulders and the lower extremities. Appear century in the childhood or youth (the nevoid nature is not excluded), is more often at fair-haired. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays and ionizing radiation intensity of pigmentation increases. In the fall and winter V. turn pale, sometimes becoming imperceptible; in a transmitted light of a lamp of Wood are well visible.

Histology: accumulation of melanin in a germinal layer of epidermis at normal quantity of melanocytes in a derma.

Treatment gives only temporary effect. The peeling means: 2% salicyl alcohol, 10 — 25% mercury-bismuth ointments, especially in a combination with masks from a nonsense, 20 — 30% solution of pure phenol on air. Creams: «Metamorphosis», «Celandine», «Spring» and «Spring». Decolourants: the Melan cream containing hydrochinone, hydrogen peroxide.

Major importance has prevention: in the spring and apply the photoprotective creams «Beams» or «Board», creams containing 10% of quinine, salol, a tannin on face skin in the summer; protect a face an umbrella, a red, brown veil.

B. A. Zadorozhny.