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FRANTIShKOVI-LAZBE (Fran-tiskovy Lazne) — balneogryazevy the resort in Czechoslovakia. It is located in the West Czech Region, in the Ore Mountains, in 65 km to the southwest from Carat - catch-cook, at the height of 450 m above sea-level, among dense forest parks and gardens. F.-L. — one of the largest and oldest resorts, sources to-rogo were known still Paratsel-su. The beginning of functioning of the resort belongs to 1827.

The climate is foothill, soft. From cold having sat down. winds the resort is protected by Krushny mountains. Summer moderately warm; average temperature of July 17,8 °. Winter soft. An annual amount of precipitation apprx. 700 mm.

In the neighborhood of the resort there is a set of sights: Komorni Gurka — an extinct volcano, a monument of the early Middle Ages Hebe's city, the center to-rogo is the historical reserve, etc.

The main to lay down. factors: peat sulfur-ferruterous dirt (see therapeutic muds) and mineral waters (see) 24 sources: sulfatno-hlorid-

but - sodium a high mineralization (Glauber I, Glauber II, Glauber of IV. Kostelny, etc.) and jelly -

z isty hydras about to and rb onatno-x lo ridno-sodium various mineralization (sources Frantishkov, Nataliye, Ferruterous, New, etc.). Mud cure is carried out in the form of the general mud baths, applications and band mud procedures. Mineral waters are used for bathtubs, irrigations, washings, inhalations. drinking treatment. Besides, water of sources is spilled in bottles. In the resort use also carbon dioxide gas in the form of subcutaneous injections and «dry» carbonic bathtubs, to-rye patients accept in special pavilions — the mofeta constructed over it tes in t -

the Resort of Frantishkovi-Lazne. Sanatorium «Imperial».

wine exits of carbon dioxide gas from the earth.


In F.-L. sanatoria, boarding houses, a clinic for recovery therapy of the children sick with rheumatism, resort policlinic with laboratories and le tchebno-d news agency pus of t iches to them to Ina -

there and, bathing buildings, drinking pavilions function. On the basis of the resort works fi with l of news agency of l of N and at chno - is about ice about in an ata of l s to go in-that physical therapy, balneology and climatology, and also Ying t of children's resort gynecology.

Indications: diseases of a female genital (the world glory the resort was brought by results of treatment ginekol. diseases), and also it is not higher than I stage of cardiovascular system with a circulatory unefficiency, disbolism and endocrine diseases, diseases of digestive organs, diseases and effects of injuries of a musculoskeletal system and a peripheral nervous system, a disease of kidneys and urinary tract.

V. V. Poltoranov.