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FRANK Josef (Frank Josef, 1771 — 1842) is the German doctor-clinical physician, the son I. Franca.

Studied medicine in high fur boots of Goettingen and Pavia. Received degree of the doctor of medicine. In 1796 — 1804 worked in Vienna as the chief physician of city hospital. In 1804 arrived to Vilno (nowadays Vilnius) and headed department of pathology of Vilensky un-that, and in 1805 — department of pharmacology and clinic of internal diseases.

Y. Frank continued the reorganization of educational process begun by I. Frank. He urged colleagues and students to study diseases in close connection with living conditions and life of patients. His many pupils became professors un-that.

Y. Frank published multivolume encyclopedic work on medicine, organized the big pathoanatomical museum. He participated in creation Ying-that vaccination (1808), in Krom trained in smallpox vaccination and supplied with material for inoculations, and also Ying-that motherhood (1809) designed to give medical and financial help to poor women.

At the initiative of Y. Frank and A. A. Snyadetsky it was created in 1805. In and Lensk medical about-in, in Krom Y. Frank was elected the secretary, then the vice-chairman and the chairman. Ob-in together with Vilensky un-volume played an important role in distribution of the progressive medical and political ideas.

In 1823 abandoned Vilno and lodged in Italy.

Works: The basis of pathology under laws of the theory of excitement, with adding of explanations and notes to his lectures, the lane with it., M., 1812; The Management to toxicology, or Science about poisons and means against it, M., 1815.

Bibliography: Vilensky medical society, Ninetieth anniversary of Imperial Vilensky medical society, on December 12, 1895, Vilno, 1895; M and - c elmakheris V. G. Sketches on stories of medicine in Lithuania, page 104, L., 1967; Muller R. Joseph Frank (1771 — ■ 1842) imd die Brownsche Lehre, Zurich, 1970. B. D. Petrov.