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FRANKLINIZATION (synonym: an electrostatic shower, a static shower) — a method of medical impact on an organism constant electric field of a high tension.

The method is called by the name of an amer. the scientist Franklin (V. Franklin) developing questions of receiving static electricity.

During F. between edges of an electrode and a body of the patient there are «silent» (crown) categories, in air are formed ozone (see) and nitric oxides (Cx\i. Nitrogen), and the created electric field izkhmenyat an ionic conduction of fabrics, and in them there is small electric current. All these factors favorably influence oxidation-reduction processes, functions

of century of N of page that is followed by the native of heart rate and decrease in the ABP. Besides, microcirculation, including in a brain improves, processes of braking in c amplify. N of page. Franklinization possesses also anesthetizing and hyposensibilizing action, accelerates epithelization during the healing of wounds. The bactericidal effect F is noted., caused by interaction of ozone and active oxygen with separated ulcers or wounds.

T. it is shown at a neurasthenia (see) in a hypersthenic stage, intellectual and physical overfatigue (see Exhaustion), sleeplessness (see), migraines (see), a skin itch of various origin (see the Itch skin), hyper - and paresthesias (see Sensitivity), trophic ulcers (see), slowly healing wounds (see Wounds, wounds), burns (see).

Contraindications to carrying out F. malignant new growths, general diseases of blood, organic diseases of c are. N of page, the expressed atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain, chronic coronary heart disease, heart failure of the II—III degree, an active pulmonary tuberculosis, pregnancy.

Apply the general and local F. At the general F. all body of the patient is exposed to influence of electric field. For this purpose one electrode having edges have with a gap of 12 — 25 cm over the head of the patient sitting on a wooden chair, and put the second electrode in the form of a plate under legs (footwear shall be taken off). At local F. any body part of the patient is exposed to influence of electric field. One electrode (with edges, kistochkoobrazny or other form) have with a gap of 3 — 7 cm over a naked body part, (lamellar) place the second electrode from the opposite side under a zone of influence. Apply the field to the general influence by tension of 40 — 50 kV, for local — 10 — 30 quarter. Duration of the procedure makes 10 — 15 min., a course of treatment — 10 — 20 procedures.

For the general p local F. use the domestic devices AF-3 and AF-3-1. The devices consisting of a source of current, vyeokovo the ltny transformer and the rectifier create constant, a high tension the field between a body surface and to the t which are remotely located from-r and tsa e l and about z and r yazh and yushchp ms I e l e to tr about - do.m. On the edges of an electrode directed towards the patient electric charges flow down that causes emergence between an electrode and a body surface of «silent» categories. Devices are subject to obligatory grounding. The devices AF-3 and AF-3-1 apply also to an aero ionotherapy (see Aeroionization).

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