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FOYT Karl (Voit Carl, 1831 — 1908) is the German physiologist, one of founders of science about food.

Got a medical education in Munich un-those. It was improved in the field of physiology and chemistry in Goettingen (1855).

Since 1856 the assistant physiological in-that in Munich, since 1857 the privatdozent Munich un-that with the right of lecturing on physiology, since 1860 ekst raordinar-ny, and since 1863 ordinary professor of physiology un-that and the director of a physiological office.

After the first scientific

works (1854) devoted to metabolism of urea (see) in an organism of animals, K. Foyt started

profound studying of questions of a metabolism in an organism (see the Metabolism and energy). On the respiration device designed by it together with M. Pettenkofer studied gas exchange and exchange nitrogenous (proteins) and nitrogen-free (carbohydrates and fats) feedstuffs. Its works on a research of nitrogenous balance, and also influence on metabolism of mineral substances, various diets, starvations, a row patol are of great importance. processes, etc. Together with M. Pettenkofer it found out

that it at healthy animals in normal conditions of 85 — 90% of energy in an organism is released in the course of metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and only 10 — 15% — at disintegration of proteins. On the basis of studying of food of various groups of the population K. Foyt for the first time developed standards of need of the person for the main feedstuffs (118 g of proteins, 56 g of fats and 500 g of carbohydrates a day for the adult man occupied with moderately severe work). The conducted researches allowed it to formulate the main requirements to food: sufficient content of all feedstuffs in a proper correlation, rather high comprehensibility (see Food). K. Foyt is the founder of school of sciences, a cut U. Etuoter, M. Rubner, G. Lusk were representatives. Works: Physiologie des allgemeinen Stoff-

of FOLDS 361

wechsels und der Ernahrung, Handb. der Physiol, des Gesammt-Stoffwechsels u. des Fortpflanz., hrsg. v. L. Hermann, Bd 6, T. 1, Lpz., 1881.

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