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FOTARIY (phos, photos light) — the room equipped for carrying out group or individual general irradiations with ultraviolet rays.

UF-radiations in F. widely apply to the prevention of light starvation (see), increases in body resistance to contagiums, prevention and treatment of rickets at children (see Phototherapy), at pregnancy. Usually F. will organize at health centers of the enterprises, sports facilities, dispensaries, rest houses, sanatoria, kindergartens, schools.

Istochnikov! Uv-radiations in F. quartz-mercury and cold erythematous light lamps serve (see. Ultraviolet radiation). Use of a big irradiator of the beacon-type UGD-3 type with a mercury-quartz lamp of DRT-1000 requires the room of 45 — 50 sq.m. In the center place an irradiator, around it at distance of 2 — 3 m 15 people are located at the same time. In case of use of a small beacon-type irradiator of UGD-2 with a lamp of smaller power (DRT-400) Square F. shall make not less than 16 — 25 sq.m; radiation carry out 1 m at distance, at the same time irradiate 8 people.

In a fotariya it is possible to establish an erythematous irradiator of EGD-5 with 9 vertically located erythematous lamps of LE-30 and 2 300 W filament lamps. Radiation of these lamps is closest to an ultraviolet spectrum of the Sun at the Earth's surface. At action of these lamps less ozone, nitric oxides is formed owing to what F. with such irradiators do not demand special ventilation. In a crust.

it is more preferable to apply time in F. irradiators with fluorescent lamps of the LE-30 type. Lamps of LE-30 are used also in F.-binnogo or type through passage. T. kabinny type consists of two, four or more single cabins of 0,7 X 0,9 m in size, in to-rykh V2 of a biodose (see Dosing) patients receive approximately in 3 min. F. the tpp through passage is arranged for UF-radiation of a flow of people upon transition from shower in razdevalnyu. People slowly move on pass 1,2 — 1,5 m wide and 30 m long between the lamps of LE-30 located on sidewalls. At the same time within 2 — 3 min. people receive 1/3 erythema doses. At the device F. like the artificial beach of a lamp LE-30 in special fittings place under a ceiling.

For individual radiations use the UF-irradiator of EOD-Yu having 6 horizontally located erythematous lamps of LE-30.

Air temperature is F. shall be not lower than 22 — 23 °; the room needs to be aired carefully; during the long work of UF-irradiators of the UGD-2 and UGD-3 type positive-pressure ventilation is required. For bigger reflection of UV rays of a wall F. cover with a cretaceous, but not oil paint.

Indications and contraindications to radiation in F., and also a technique of carrying out radiations — cm. Ultraviolet radiation.

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T. V. Karachevtseva.