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FOSFESTROLUM (Phosphoestrolum; vulture.: Cytonal, Difostilben, Fosfestrol, Fosfestrolum, Fosfostilben, Hon van, Honvol, Stilphostrol; joint venture. B) — oestrogenic antineoplastic means.

Tetrasodium salt of diphosphoric ether of diethylstulbestrole:

Fine-crystalline powder, white or white with a creamy shade, difficult alcohol-soluble and it is easy — in water. After penetration into tumor cells F. it is dephosphorylated under the influence of acid phosphatase, activity a cut in tumor cells is increased. At the same time diethylstulbestrole is released, to-ry and has pitosta-tichesky effect.

T. apply at cancer therapy of a prostate (see the Prostate) in all stages. However at estrogenrezistentny forms of a new growth it is ineffective.

Treatment by Fosfestrolum can be combined with radiation therapy (see) and purpose of other antineoplastic means (see).

Fosfestrolum is entered intravenously in the form of 6% of solution or appointed inside in tablets. Treatment is begun with parenteral administration. The first daily dose makes 0,15 g (2,5 ml of 6% of solution). At good tolerance the daily dose is raised to 0,3 g (5 ml of 6% of solution), and then after

2 — 3 days of treatment in the absence of diseases of cardiovascular system and a liver — to 0,6 — 0,9 g (10 — 15 ml of 6% of solution) intravenously daily during 25 — 30, sometimes 35 days. On reaching to lay down. effect of patients transfer to a maintenance therapy Fosfestrolum:

1 — 2 time in week on 0,3 — 0,6 g (5 — 10 ml of 6% of solution) intravenously or on 0,1 g in 2 — 3 times a day. At purpose of drug inside the daily dose is gradually reduced with 0,6 to 0,3, and then to 0,2 — ODES of in day.

T. often brings to expressed to lay down. to effect: symptoms of a disease are stopped, the tumor and metastasises decrease in sizes up to full regression.

T. it is usually well transferred by patients. Sometimes in an initiation of treatment at certain patients nausea, vomiting, deterioration in the general state, burning sensation and pains in genital and proctal areas is observed, is more rare — an itch of face skin and neck, pain in a zone of localization of metastasises. Are possible also decrease in coagulability of blood with hemorrhagic manifestations and development of a circulatory unefficiency. Feminizing action is expressed poorly.

At bad portability (emergence of tachycardia, unpleasant feelings in heart) F. part in isotonic solution of glucose and enter kapelno. Tablets prp-nimat before food, washing down with a small amount of water. At emergence of the dispepticheeky phenomena it is recommended to hold tablets in a mouth before full dissolution.

P mouth to a willow! i about a calla shtyam t of for purpose of drug are: pony

zhenny coagulability of blood, tendency to hemorrhages, diseases of cardiovascular system and liver.

Form of release: ampoules on 5 ml of 6% of solution and a tablet on 0,1<?. Storage: in the place protected from light.

See also Antineoplastic means, Are oestrogenic.

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