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FORSSMANN Verner (Forssmann Werner Theodor Otto, 1904 — 1976) is the German surgeon, the Nobel Prize laureate (1956).

In 1928 ended medical f-t un-that Friedrich Wilhelm in Berlin. Then worked as the assistant to surgical clinic in Ebersvalda, the surgeon in Berlin (hospital you Rummage) and Mainz. In 1933 — 1939 managed urology department of hospital of R. Virkhov in Berlin. During World War II was a military surgeon; after war (till 1957) worked as the practicing doctor in Vis (Baden) and B ad-Kroy in c Naha. Since 1958 the chief physician of surgical department in Düsseldorf.

In 1929 in surgical clinic in Ebersvalda made experiment on himself: for the first time made catheterization of heart (see), having carried out the probe through an elbow vein to the right auricle. In 1931 applied this way to angiocardiography (see). However only after World War II Forssmann's method was developed and implemented in a wedge, practice by A. Kur-nan and D. Richards that opened new perspectives in diagnosis of heart diseases. For development of a method of catheterization of heart for studying patol. changes of the blood circulatory system V. Forssmann together with A. Kurnan and D. Richards was conferred the Nobel Prize.

V. Forssmann was the honorary member of many scientific about-in and institutions, including university of I. Gutenberg in Mainz, Medical academy and university in Düsseldorf, etc.

It is awarded by Leibniz's medal of Academy of Sciences of GDR, etc.

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