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FORSSELL Pesta (Forssell Gosta Carl Gust all Abrahamsson, 1876 — 1950) is the Swedish radiologist and the radiologist, the founder of the Swedish school of radiologists and radiologists.

In 1902 ended medical f-t Stockholm un-that, specialized on a radiology under the leadership of Stenbek (T. Stenbeck) in Stockholm in-those radiologies. In 1913 protected dokt. thesis. From 1916 to 1941 professor of a radiology and radiology of Royal Carolinian hospital and Carolinian in-that.

Y. Forssell is the author of St. 200 scientific works concerning medical radiology and a radiology. He was a supporter anatomo-fizio logical approach in radiodiagnosis (see) and roentgenotherapies (see), one of pioneers of use of radiation therapy (see) in oncology (cancer therapy of skin, mucous membrane of lips and female generative organs). Its works on a radioanatomy and X-ray physiology of a stomach are known. It developed the nomenclature of departments of a stomach and anatomofiziologichesky bases rentgenol. it is normal of studying of features of a relief of a mucous membrane of a stomach and intestines also at pathology. It described the principles rentgenol. researches of function of a radiocarpal joint. Y. Forssell possesses articles on radiodiagnosis of tuberculosis of kidneys, bones, joints. A number of its works is devoted to technical and organizational improvement of X-ray radiological service in system здравоохранения.^

at the initiative of Y. Forssell in medical in-ta of Sweden the independent course of a radiology and radiology was entered, one of first-ever the Center of a radiology and radiology (1910) is created in Stockholm, are based clinic of X-ray radiology in Royal Carolinian hospital and Swedish about-in oncologists. Y. Forssell is the founder and the first editor of the Acta radio-logica (1921) magazine, the member of a row Swedish and international scientific about-in radiologists and radio biologists.

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