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FOOTE Nathan (Foot Nathan Chandler, 1881 — 1958) is the American pathologist.

In 1907 ended medical f-t Colombian un-that. Worked in a number of medical and scientific institutions of the USA. From 1932 to 1948 professor and the manager. laboratory of surgical pathology of one of the central New York clinics.

From 1948 to 1958 honorary professor and the head of cytologic laboratory Kor-nellsky un-that.

The main scientific issledoz:aniye of N. Foote are devoted to problems of morphology, a pathogeny and morphological diagnosis of tumors. R1aibolee its works «Pathology in surgery» (1945) and «Identification of tumors» (1948) are known. He developed widely known method of impregnation of argyrophil (reticulin) fibers (see Silverings methods).

II. The foot was a member of many scientific medical about-in, for a number of years was the president American about-va pathologists and bacteriologists and the chairman of the board of the American society of pathologists.

Works: Pathology in surgery, Philadelphia a. o., 1945; identification of tumors, Philadelphia a. o., 1948 (Russian lane, M., 1951).

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