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FOOD ACIDS — the acids used in the food industry and cookery for giving of acid taste to foodstuff and dishes, and also for achievement of the normalized pH values preventing development of Clostridium botulinum in the pasteurized products (pickles, tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, salads, etc.) which are stored in bottletight packaging.

On permission of bodies of health care as P. to. the USSR applies the following to - you: wine, lemon, acetic, milk and about - phosphorus. The carbon dioxide gas forming at saturation by it of soft drinks, mineral waters and sparkling wines coal to - that, also carry to P. to. The listed P. to., except wine to - you, in the applied quantities well are acquired by an organism, they are non-toxical. Use about - phosphorus to - you in the food industry in order to avoid excess intake of phosphorus in an organism is limited (no more than 0,6 g on 1 kg of confectionery or on 1 l of soft drinks). Addition about - phosphorus and milk to - t can influence organoleptic properties of some products also. Use of others to - t is regulated by technological instructions and does not demand special restrictions.

Concentrated acetic and about - phosphorus to - you irritate mucous membranes and skin, 30% and solutions acetic are higher to - you can cause burns of skin therefore during the work with these to-tami observance of protective measures (use of rubber gloves, aprons, respirators) is necessary.

Distinctions in organoleptic and physical. - chemical properties P. to. define nek-ry features of their use. Acetic to - that and acetic essence (70 — 80% solution acetic to - you) possess a specific smell, are used in the industry and a household for preparation of marinades, fruit and vegetable and fish canned food, mayonnaise and so forth; weak solutions acetic to - you (3 — 4%) in cookery are used as seasoning. Lemon to - that has no smell, is widely applied in the confectionery, canning, beer and soft drinks and alcoholic beverage industries of the food industry, and also in cookery. Wine to - that is not hygroscopic; it is used preferential in production of powders for preparation of sparkling drinks in house conditions.

Abroad as P. to. apply also apple and with certain restrictions adipinic, ant and fumaric to - you.

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Bibliography: See bibliogr, to St. Nutritional supplements .

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