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FOLLIKULYT (folliculitis; lat. folliculus a sack + - itis) — the inflammatory damage to a hair sack caused usually by stafilokokka. In some cases F. it can be caused by fungi and gonokokka.

Developing of a disease is promoted by microtraumas of skin (at friction, combing, shaving), maceration of skin under compresses, pollution by its liquid hydrocarbons (mineral oils, kerosene, etc.)? irrational use of the ointments containing tar (see Tars), Naphthalanum (see Naftalano-lecheniye), etc.

F. can be superficial (osteofolliculitis) and deep.

At gistol. research superficial F. existence in the mouth of a hair sack (see Hair), directly under a corneous layer of epidermis, the small cavities executed by heavy body of neutrophils, and inflammatory infiltrate around a hair sack is noted. At deep F. infiltrate penetrates all wall of a hair sack that leads to its purulent fusion and death. At F. vessels around hair sacks are expanded and surrounded with infiltrates from neutrophils and lymphocytes.

Wedge, picture superficial F. it is characterized by education usually multiple small, of 1 — 2 mm of the pustules (see the Pustule) penetrated in the center by a hair and surrounded with a narrow pink border. On 3 — the 4th day their contents dry up, yellow crusts appear, after falling away to-rykh on skin there is no trace left. Separate pustules, expanding peripheral, 5 mm can have a diameter — so-called staphylococcal impetigo of Bokhart.

At deep F. painful small knots of red color, of 5 mm and more in the diameter, sometimes topped with a pustule are formed. In several days the small knot resolves or suppurates, turning into small abscess (see), to-ry is opened. After healing of a small knot often there is a dot scar. Small knots can be localized on the limited site of skin (on a face, a neck, etc.) or to be scattered (on extremities).

Rare forms deep F. the dekalviruyushchy folliculitis of Brock abscessing and undermining a folliculitis and a perifolliculitis of the head (see the Pyoderma), a rozatseapodobny folliculitis Seth tone, a keloid folliculitis Ehrman-on are (see Eels). The Dekalviruyushchy folliculitis of Brock differs in pristupoobrazny rashes of the grouped small pustules on the same sites of the temporoparietal area of a pilar part of the head, is more rare on other sites of skin covered with hair. Pustules exist is long, are a little painful, after permission them there are flat scars which further are a little increasing on the periphery.

The Rozatseapodobny folliculitis Seth tone is characterized by emergence on face skin of the pruritic superficial small pustules surrounded with a wide zone of a hyperemia. The disease proceeds chronically; communication of a recurrence with an exacerbation of an infection of an oral cavity is noted.

Except ordinary F., in some cases can be observed professional and medicamentous are most often shown by F. Professionalnye F. in the form of so-called oil F., the forearms and hips which are localized on outer surfaces. Their development begins with education in mouths of hair sacks of the black points representing accumulation of oil, dust, horn scales. Further inflammatory small knots of 5 mm in the diameter, red color form, in the center to-rykh the horn pro-barrel is visible. Small knots or are resolved, leaving the pigmented scars, or stafilokokkam with development of pustules, sometimes a furuncle are infected.

Medicamentous F. develop on places of rubbing in in skin of the ointments containing mercury (see), tar, Naphthalanum, etc.

Treatment includes rubdown of affected areas and surrounding healthy skin of 2 — 3% spirit solution salicylic or boric to - you, greasing of 1 — 2% spirit solution of tetraethyl-diamino-triphenyl-carbohydride sulfate; at deep F. impose pure Ichthyolum. Washing in a bath, the general bathtubs is temporarily forbidden. At oil F. it is necessary to grease the affected skin of 5 — 10% with Unguentum sulfuratum, to accept vitamin A (100 000 ME a day).

Forecast favorable.

Prevention F. the dignity consists in carrying out. - a gigabyte. the actions directed to observance of rules of personal hygiene. For cleaning of skin of production pollution (lubricating oils, emulsions, kerosene) use detergents; regular washing of overalls is necessary. In the general complex of preventive actions the dignity is of great importance. - a gleam. work.

See also Pyoderma.

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