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FOLKMANN Richard (Volkmann Richard, 1830 — 1889) is the German surgeon.

Studied in Halle, Hesse, in 1854 ended medical f-t Berlin un-that. In 1857 the privatdozent, since 1863 extraordinary professor, and from 1867 to 1885 ordinary professor of surgery and the director of university surgical clinic in Halle.

R. Folkmann

was an adherent and the propagandist of antiseptics. It made a noticeable contribution to development of methods of treatment of wounded in field conditions. Wire T-shaped tires of Folkmann served as a prototype for many types of modern tires (see Illinirovaiiye). He developed and improved ways of treatment of changes extension, described a number of new nosological forms, nek-ry of to-rykh bear his name, naira, an ischemic contracture of Folkmann (see the Contracture). It published the works devoted to questions of clinical surgery, including bone tuberculosis and other diseases of bones, new methods of surgeries are developed (an arthrotomy on Folkmanna, a wedge-shaped osteotomy, etc.), a number of tools is invented (e.g., Folkmann's hook, an acute spoon of Folkmann, etc.).

Works: Neue Beitrage zur Pathologic und Therapie der Krankheiten der Bewegungsor-gane, B., 1868; Ein Fall von hereditarer congenitaler Luxation beider Sprunggelen-ke, Dtsch. Z. Chir., Bd 2, S. 538, 1873; Beitrage zur Chirurgie, Lpz., 1875; tiber den antiseptischen Occlusivverband und seinen Einfluss auf den Heilungsprocess der Wunden, Samml. klin. Vortr., No. 96 (Chir., No. 30, S. 759), Lpz., 1875.

Bibliography: Braun H.

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