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FOGARTI KATETER (Th. J. Fogar-thy, sovr. amer. the doctor) — the catheter intended for removal of blood clots and Ekhmbolov from arteries. Primenya-

Fig. 1. Fogarti's catheters of various diameter: and — 1 mm; — 2 mm; in — 3 mm.,

it etsyatsya in cardiovascular surgery.

It is offered in 1963 Mr. of Fogarti.

T. to. release three sizes: to dia. 1; 2; 3 mm; length of a catheter — 800 mm. On the distal end of a catheter there is an inflatable cylinder (fig. 1). After an arteriotomy distalny the blood clot which is in it or an embolus enter F into an artery. to., following on a line of least resistance between a wall of an artery and blood clot or an embolus. Sometimes the catheter can pass through through blood clot or an embolus. After carrying out F. to. it is higher than the level of blood clot or embolus the cylinder which is on its end, partially fill with liquid (most often physiological solution), pos-

le of what remove a catheter from an artery, deleting at the same time blood clot or an embolus (fig. 2).

Fig. 2. The diagrammatic representation of a catheter of Fogarti in the thrombosed vessel before extraction of blood clot: 1 — a catheter with the cylinder filled with liquid; 2 — to blood clot

After recovery of passability of an artery as a result of use F. to. often there is hypostasis of an extremity, according to Fogarti, in 10% of observations demanded a fasciotomy.

See also Rentgenoendovaskulyar-paya surgery, the Thrombembolia, the Embolism.

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