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FODOR Yozhef (Fodor Jozsef, 1843 — 1901) is the Hungarian hygienist and the epidemiologist, the academician of the Hungarian academy of Sciences (1883).

Finished medical f-t Budapest un-that in 1865 where afterwards taught questions of public health care. Since 1869 the privatdozent. It was improved at Yu. Libikh and M. Pettenkofer. Since 1872 professor of department of forensic medicine medical f-that Kolozhvar-sky un-that. Since 1874 headed department of hygiene Budapest un-that; since 1886 the dean, and since 1894 the rector medical f-that Budapest un-that.

Y. Fodor is the author of the works devoted to various questions of hygiene of water, the soil, air, the dwelling, hygiene of food and school hygiene. Its

works «Air and Its Relation to Epidemic Diseases» (1881), «The soil and water and their relation to epidemic diseases»

(1882) became world-famous. It developed original methods of determination of content of dust in air and humidity of the soil.

One of the first Y. Fodor made a hypothesis of communication of epidemics of ki-ziyechny infections with quality of drinking water. He upheld a microbic etiology of a typhoid and cholera and pointed to communication of their distribution with water (1882), studied a phenomenon of bacterial action of blood. Paid much attention to questions of public hygiene. Cooperated with M. Pettenkoferomi Dzh. Simon. Y. Fodor was an editor of the Egeszseg magazine («Health», since 1887), the honorary member of the countries, hygienic about-in a row, and the International hygienic association.

Works: Die Luft und ihre Beziehungen zu den epidemischen Krankheiten, Braunschweig, 1881; Boden und Wasser, und ihre Beziehungen zu den epidemischen Krankheiten, Braunschweig, 1882; Bakterien im Blute lebender Tiere, Arch. Hyg. (Berl.), Bd 4, S. 129, 1886; Die hygienische Unterricht in Volksschulen, Mittelschulen, Gewerbe-schulen..., Wien, 1887. t>

Bibliography: Melly I. Iozhef Fo

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