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FOCHEAR Pierre (Fauchard Pierre; 1678 — 1761) — the French surgeon and the dentist.

At the beginning of the activity P. Foshar worked as the barber, then, having been trained by the leyb-surgeon, became the surgeon (1723). Since 1731 devoted himself to a zubovrachevaniye and gained wide popularity as the privately practicing dentist.

P. Foshar is the author of one of the first classifications of diseases of teeth. It described not only clinic apprx. 130 diseases of teeth, but also the explanation of an etiology and a pathogeny nek-ry of them, napr, caries is offered. Its capital work devoted to treatment of diseases of teeth was the first management, in Krom scientific and practical knowledge of a zubovrachevaniye was systematized.

P. Foshar made the significant contribution to prosthetic dentistry. It possesses the idea of use of special springs for deduction in a mouth of full removable prostheses (see Dentures), it improved a cleft palate prosthesis (see) also applied in prosthetic dentistry caps from gold and a porcelain covering to false teeth. He is considered by right the founder of orthodontics — the section of orthopedic stomatology which is engaged in methods of correction of incorrectly growing teeth and jaws (see. Or-todontnchesky methods of treatment).

Works: Le chirurerien-dentiste, ou traityo des dents, t. 1 — 2, P., 1728.


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