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FLYUGGE Karl (Fliigge Karl Georg Friedrich Wilhelm, 1847 — 1923) is the German hygienist.

In 1875 — 1878 the assistant Leipzig in-that hygiene, since 1878 the privatdozent of department of hygiene in Berlin, since 1881 — in Goettingen. Since 1883 professor and the director Ying-that medical chemistry and hygiene. Since 1887 professor of department of hygiene in Breslavle (nowadays Wroclaw), since 1909 the head of department of hygiene Berlin un-that (Hygienic in-that).

Scientific and pedagogical activity of K. Flyugge was devoted to problems of experimental

hygiene and bacteriology. It created school of the German hygienists. In its laboratory V. K. Vy-sokovich, S. V. Korshun, Item H worked. La -

puppies, V. V. Favr.

K. Flyugge developed gigy

nichesky methods of a research, studied hygiene of the inhabited places, dwellings, food, water, a microclimate of dwellings, influence of a summer heat on mortality of babies, questions of thermoregulation, ventilation, lighting, sterilization of milk, hygienic assessment of drinking water (see. Utility hygiene, Hygiene of food). He wrote the fundamental management of «A basis of hygiene» which sustained 11 editions. K. Flyugge's researches in the field of bacteriology are devoted to the description of separate species of microorganisms, their classification and a systematics, questions of an infection (see) and immunity (see). The researches of air and dust and airborne ways of distribution of contagiums conducted by K. Flyugge were important (see the Mechanism of transmission of infection). In capital work «Microorganisms» the detailed statement of a condition of bacteriology of that time is given. A part of works of K. Flyugge concerned questions of epidemiology and statistics inf. diseases — cholera (see), dysentery (see), diphtherias (see), tetanus (see) and especially tuberculosis (see). K. Flyugge created in the in-those department of social hygiene, tried to obtain introduction of its teaching to un-those. K. Flyugge was a founder together with R. Koch (1886) and the permanent editor «Zeitschrift fur Hygiene und Infektionskrankheiten».


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