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FLUORESCENCE — the kind of a luminescence which is characterized by decay of luminescence during 10-8 — 10-9 sec. after cancellation of excitement. Time of attenuation F. is defined by time of life of a molecule in wild spirits (see the Luminescence, the Molecule). The mechanism of transformation of energy of the excited molecule at F. it is connected with quantum transition of molecules from excited singlet in a ground state (see. Singlet state).

Analysis of parameters F. (the fluorescent analysis) it is used for studying of structure of substance, localization in cells of various substances (nucleinic to - t, enzymes, napr, hydrolases, oxidoreductases, transaminases, etc.), clarifications of the mechanism of effect of enzymes, etc. The fluorescent analysis, fluorescent microscopy (see the Immunofluorescence) are applied also in microbiology, virology, a dignity. - a gigabyte. to practice, forensic medicine, etc.

See also Mikrospektr the aljny analysis, Flyuorimetriya, the Spectral analysis.

Bibliography: Frei Felder D. Fi

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