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FLOREY Howard (Florey Howard Walter, 1898 — 1968) is the English pathologist and the microbiologist, the president London royal about-va (1960 — 1965), the foreign member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1966), the Nobel Prize laureate (1945).

In 1921 ended un-t in Adelaide (Australia), till 1924 studied medicine in Oxford (Velikobrita-niya). In 1925 — 1926 it was improved in laboratories of the USA. From 1927 to 1931 taught pathology in the Cambridge college.

From 1931 to 1935 professor patolo

Giya in Sheffield un-those. Since 1935 professor of pathology in Oxford. In 1962 — 1968 the rector of Royal college in Oxford.

G. Florey devoted the early researches to studying of problems of an inflammation, microcirculation, functions of lymphocytes. It also studied a lysozyme (see) — the bactericidal enzyme which is contained in the lacrimal liquid and saliva. G. Florey took part in development of methods of receiving penicillin, its concentration and cleaning (see Penitsilliiy). The received G. Florey and Cheyn (E. V. of Chain) dry drug of penicillin acted in cultivation 1:50 000 000. In tests for G. Florey's patients together with M. Florey (M. Florey) prodemonstr about va l effect \g in a nost of a pen'itsa length at staphylococcal

ii streptococcal sepsis, a gonococcal and menpngokokkovy infection. For works on G. Florey's penicillin together with A. Fleming and Cheyn it was conferred the Nobel Prize.

G. Florey was a member of academies and the countries, scientific about-in a row.

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