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FLYoMMIBG Walter (Flemming Walther, 1843 — 1905) — the German histologist.

Studied in Goettingen, Tuebingen, Berlin, finished medical education in 1868 in Rostock; studied zoology and histology. Since 1871 the prosector of department of anatomy in un-those Rostock. Since 1873 professor of histology in Prague; in 1876 — 1901 professor of anatomy in Kiel.

The main works of V. Flemminga are devoted to studying of cell structure. Having applied an original method of fixing by mix of solutions osmic, chromic and acetic to - t (liquid of Flemminga) and skillfully combining intravital observations with studying of the fixed and stained preparations, V. Flemming along with P. I. Peremezhko in details described process of indirect division of zooblasts (1878). It described the net of a kernel in interphase consisting of chromatinic grains and akhromatinovy fibers. It studied a structure and regeneration of an epithelium and connecting (especially fatty) tissue of a liver, pancreas, etc. In limf, V. Flemming's nodes described the educations called by it secondary small knots. These secondary small knots, according to V. Flemminga, are the proliferative centers. According to modern views, secondary small knots of Flemminga, or the germinal (light) centers, represent zones of active proliferation of lymphocytes at various inflammatory processes.

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