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FLYOKSNER Simon (Elexner Simon, 1863 — 1946) is the American microbiologist.

In 1889 ended un-t in Luiz-vile, trained in Europe — in Prague, Strasbourg, Berlin, in Pasterovskom in-those in Paris.

From 1889 to 1899 worked in Un-te Jones Hopkins as the assistant in the beginning, and since 1895 professor. From 1899 to 1903 professor of pathology Pennsylvanian un-that; from 1903 to 1935 the director of it in-that headed laboratory Rock Feller in-that medical researches in New York, from 1920 to 1935 at the same time.

The main researches of S. Fleks-ner are devoted inf. to diseases. The significant contribution was made by it in studying of an etiology a floor and omiyet it and (see). In 1910 S. Fleksner together with J. Lewis established an opportunity isp an olzovaniye of monkeys as pilot model of poliomyelitis. Its works on a serotherapy of cerebrospinal meningitis are known (see. Meningococcal infection). He also studied questions of an etiology and epidemiology of poliomyelitis, plague, epidemic encephalitis, tuberculosis, syphilis and others inf. diseases. In 1900 the representative new, called then by the name of the author, a species of shigellas — Shigella flexneri was opened for them (see Dysentery, an etiology). S. Fleksner possesses also works on biochemistry of snake poison, experimental pancreatitis, fatty dystrophy, etc. to Works: On the etiology of tropical dysentery, Johns Hopk. Hosp. Bull., v. 11, p. 231, 1900; Concerning a serum-therapy for experimental infection with Diplococcus intra-cellularis, J. exp. Med., v. 9, p. 168, 1907; The transmission of acute Polimyelitis to monkeys, J. Amer. med. Ass., v. 53, p. 1639, 1913, 1909 (sovm. with Lewis P. A.); The evolution and organization of the university clinic, Oxford, 1939; William Henry Welch and the heroic age of american medicine, N. Y., 1941 (sovm. with Flexner J. Th.).

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