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FLYoKSIG Paul (Paul Emil Flc-chsig, 1847 — 1929) — the German neurologist, one of founders of modern neuromorphology.

In 1870 ended Leipzig un-t. Was involved as the military surgeon in fran-to-Prussian war of 1870 — 1871, worked as the assistant in Ying-those pathologies Leipzig un-that. Since 1873 the manager. laboratory of histology Ying-that physiology, cart chapters of l yavshegosya K. Ludvig. In 1882 organized in Leipzig one of the first in Europe clinic of mental and nervous diseases.

Scientific works of P. Fleksiga are devoted to studying of a structure of a brain of animals and the person, hl. obr. a brain of newborns and children in various stages of post-natal ontogenesis. Investigating process of formation of a myelin cover of nerve fibrils of a head and spinal cord, he established the sequence of myelination in ontogenesis of various sites of c. N of page (see Myelination). On the basis of rates of miyelo-genesis of a cerebral cortex of P. Fleksig distinguished projective, intermediate and associative (or primary, secondary and tertiary) fields; this division also nowadays keeps the value. P. Fleksig for the first time allocated primary visual and acoustical pathways, a temporal and bridge bunch, in details described the course of pyramidal ways, a structure of a corpus collosum. The back spinnomozzhechkovy way described by it entered neurology as the highway Fleksiga (see. Conduction paths).

P. Fleksig was one of founders of the International commission on studying of a brain (1902).

Works: Gehirn und Seele, Lpz., 1896; Die Lokalisation der geistigen Vorgange, Lpz., 1896; Anatomie des menschlichen Gehirns und Riickenmarks auf myelogenetischer Grimdlage, Lpz., 1920.

Bibliography: Flechsig Paul, 1847 — 1929, J. nerv. rnent. Dis., v. 71, p. 246, 1930; Flechsig P. Meine myelogenetische Hirnlehre mit biographischer Einleitung, B. — Wien, 1927; Q u e n s e 1 F.,

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