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FLEBOTONOMETRYYa (Greek phieps, phlebos a vein + tonos tension + metreo to measure, measure; synonym: a flebotenziometriya, a fleboma-nometriya) — a method of a research of a regional hemodynamics by registration of peripheral venous pressure. During the studying of the general hemodynamics measure central ve-

Riye. A direct flebotonometriya by means of the device for measurement of venous pressure: 1 — a scale of the manometer; 2 — a glass tube of the manometer; 3 — a tank for the entered solution; 4 — the screw moving a scale; 5 — a dropper; 6 — a tee; 7 — a support; 8 — the needle entered into a vein of the back of foot; 9 — a level.

nozny pressure (see. Blood pressure), and at special researches — pressure in system of a portal vein (a portomanometriya and a spleno-portomanometriya).

Indications to F. arise at inspection of patients with hron. venous insufficiency of extremities — a varicosity (see) and a posttromboflebitichesky syndrome, is more rare — with an acute phlebothrombosis (see Thrombophlebitis).

T. carry out by way of a direct manometrirovaniye by means of the device for measurement of the venous pressure arranged by the principle used by V. A. Valdman

(1948) in its infusional flebotonometr. The device represents the vertical liquid manometer on a support with the scale moving by means of the screw with a zubchatka and a level for establishment of the dead center (fig). Through a tee

connect the glass tank filled with sterile isotonic solution of sodium chloride that allows to carry out a long flebotonometriya since constant intake of liquid to the measuring highway and a vein excludes a possibility of thrombosing of a needle to the device. Graphic registration of venous pressure can be made by means of the electromanometer with synchronous record. For connection of the device do a vein a puncture (see) or catheterization (it is better transdermal) a vein (see Catheterization of veins puncture). The last creates the best conditions for performance functional F., as allows to determine pressure in horizontal and vertical provisions of a body, at an exercise stress.

There are various options F. — intraoperative, two-system (at the same time catheterize hypodermic and deep veins), vector across Shvalbu (tonometry is performed in one vein through two opposite directed needles synchronously). T., as a rule, combine with a flebografiya (see).

Standard atmosphere pressure in veins of foot in horizontal position of investigated consider 100 — 120 mm w.g. At acute ileofemoral-number a phlebothrombosis venous hypertensia develops, at a cut in hard cases pressure can exceed 800 — 1000 mm w.g. At valve insufficiency of veins at patients with a varicosity and a posttromboflebitichesky syndrome venous hypertensia in vertical position comes to light and at Valsalva's test (see Valsalva experience). Dynamics of indicators F. at an exercise stress (walking) characterizes a condition of a so-called muscular and venous pomp and serves as objective criterion of degree of insufficiency of venous outflow.

Indicators of venous pressure are variable therefore results functional F have the greatest value. in their comparison to data a wedge, pictures, functional trials, a flebografiya and other special researches. These data help to reveal degree of functional insufficiency of a peripheral hemodynamics, to choose ways of correction of disturbances of venous outflow and to estimate results of treatment.

Complications at F. same, as at a usual venipuncture and a venosektion (see).

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