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The FISC — SABBAROU METOD (The fisc — Subbarou a method; Page of Ii. Fiske,

amer. biochemist, sort. in 1890, Y. SubbaroAv) — a method of a quantitative onredeleniye neorganiches whom phosphorus in blood. The research of content of inorganic phosphorus has great diagnostic value, especially for diagnosis at early children's age of rickets (see), at Krom note a hypophosphatemia (see Fosfatemiya). Strengthening of inorganic phosphorus in blood (hyperphosphatemia) observe at a hypoparathyrosis (see), acromegalias (see), a diabetic ketosis (see a diabetes mellitus), leukoses (see), an acute fatty hepatosis (see), Itsenko's diseases — Cushing (see Itsenko — Cushing a disease), a myeloma (see M an iyelomny disease), diseases of kidneys, etc.

P r and N of c and p a method. As a result of compound of inorganic phosphorus with molybdenic to - that it is formed phosphatomolybdic to - that, edges it is recovered eyko-nogeny in molybdenic blue; intensity of the developed coloring is proportional to amount of inorganic phosphorus and can be measured colorimetric (see Colorimetry).

The course is defined also I. For sedimentation of proteins to 2 ml of blood flow 8 ml of 5% of solution trichloroacetic to - you and filter. To 5 ml of a filtrate add

1 ml of 2,5% of solution of ammonium molybdate (25 g of ammonium molybdate dissolve in 500 ml 0,1 N of solution a chamois to - you and bring water to 1 l) and 0,4 ml of solution of an eykonogen (14,25 g of sodium bisulphite, 0,25 g aminonaftolsulfonovy to - you and 10 ml of 5% of solution of sodium sulfite bring water to 100 ml). Add water to the total amount of 10 ml to test. For preparation of standard solution mix 0,1759 g of dvuzamegtsenny potassium phosphate and 10 ml 0,1 N of solution a chamois to - you and bring water to 1 l. Standard test is prepared, flowing 5 ml of 2,5% of solution of ammonium molybdate and 2 ml of an eykonogen to 5 ml of standard solution, and bring volume to 50 ml. Concentration of phosphorus is equal in standard test to 0,004 mg/ml.

Kolorimetrirut at the wavelength of 630 — 690 nanometers. (the red light filter) against the single test containing instead of a protein-free filtrate 5 ml of 5% of solution trichloroacetic to - you. Calculate the content of inorganic phosphorus in blood in mg/ml, proceeding from the received ekstnnktion at a kolorimetrirovaniye of pilot and standard tests:

Eshch-0,004 • 10


where Eop — a zkstinktion of pilot test, Eats — a zkstinktion of standard test, 0,004 — concentration of phosphorus in standard • test (mg/ml), 10 — cultivation of blood in pilot test.

Concentration of inorganic phosphorus in plasma (serum) of blood during the definition by means of F. —

The page of m normal makes 3 — 5 mg / 100 ml.

See also Blood, methods of a laboratory research; Phosphorus.

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