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FISH OIL (Oleum jecoris Aselli, GFH) — vitamin drug; the thin fatty oil received from a fresh liver of cod fishes (a cod Atlantic, cods Baltic, haddocks).

Consists of triglycerides olein, palmitic, stearin and others fat to - t. Contains Retinolum (see) and a small amount (apprx. 0,2 mg of %) calciferols (see). Besides, in the list of Ruble. also others enter clupanodonic unsaturated fat to - you with 4 — 5 double bonds, at oxidation to-rykh River. characteristic off-flavor turns rancid and gets (see. Fatty products ). In the form of traces in the River. iodine, bromine, iron, calcium, organic compounds of phosphorus, sulfur and nek-ry other substances are defined.

River. represents a transparent oily liquid from light yellow till yellow color with a specific smell and taste, a little soluble in 95% alcohol, very easily ether-soluble and chloroform. On air very slowly dries. Saponification ratio 175 — 196; iodine number 150 — 175; acid number no more than 2,2; density 0,917 — 0,927. Content of unsaponifiables shall make no more than 2%, aldehydes (in terms of cinnamic aldehyde) — no more than 14 mg of %, vitamin A in 1 g — from 350 to 500 ME.

River., in addition enriched with vitamins A and D 2 , release under the name «The Vitaminized Fish Oil». It contains 1000 ME vitamins A and 100 ME vitamins D 2 in 1

. apply inside for prevention and treatment hypo - and avitaminosis And, rickets, and also as fortifying means; for acceleration of merging of fractures of bones and at other indications to use of vitamins A and D 2 . Outwardly River. appoint at treatment of wounds, thermal and corrosive burns of skin and mucous membranes. River. is a part of the aerosol drug «Livian» used for treatment of burn wounds.

In River. appoint to children from four-week age on 3 — 5 drops 2 times a day, gradually raising a dose to 0,5 — 1 chayn. l. in day. Daily doses for children of 1 year — 1 chayn. l., 2 years — 1 — 2 chayn. l., 3 — 6 years — 1 dessertspoon. To children from 7 years appoint 1 table. l. 2 — 3 times a day.

The vitaminized fish oil appoint to children till 1 year, since 3 — 5 drops to 0,5 chayn. l.; of 1 year is also more senior — on 1 — 1,5 chayn. l.; to pregnant women and the feeding women — on 2 chayn. l. in day.

Cases of intoxication vitamins A and D 2 , contained in River., are rather rare. In order to avoid development of a hypervitaminosis as a result of overdose it is not necessary to exceed the recommended doses of River. At bad portability of River., it is most often noted edges at the persons suffering hron. digestive disturbances, also show hl. obr. nausea, vomiting and ponosa, and also at a loss of appetite administration of drug is stopped.

In modern medicine practical value of River. as vitamin drug it is small in comparison with the existing drugs of vitamins A and D 2 , to-rye differ in much higher activity and are more precisely dosed.

Earlier for external use in medical practice used the so-called medical fat received from marine animals.

Release in the bottles of orange glass with a capacity of 50 and 100 ml filled up to the top. Store in the place protected from light, at a temperature not over 10 ° since under the influence of heat, oxygen and especially light contained in River. calciferols decay with formation of toxic products (a toksisterin, suprasterin), and fatty oil turns rancid. In this regard the period of validity of drug is limited (1 year).

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