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FYShER-VAZELS Berngard (Fi-scher-Wasels Bernhard, 1877 — 1941) is the German pathologist.

Ended medical f-t Bonn un-that in 1900. Since 1903 the privatdozent, since 1908 professor of pathological anatomy of academy in Cologne and the prosector of hospital August, and then Zenkenbergsky's director in-that pathologies in Frankfurt am Main. Since 1914 professor of pathological anatomy and the general pathology Frankfurt un-that (in 1930 — 1931 the rector un-that).

Scientific research B. Fischer-Vazelsa is devoted to problems of disturbances of blood circulation, an inflammation, and also emergence and spread of malignant tumors. He created so-called regenera-tsionno - the mutational theory of development of tumors, according to a cut emergence of the young breeding cells in the conditions of action of oncogenous factors leads to formation of a tumor. In 1936 it formulated several patterns of a pathogeny of malignant tumors — «the law of stage of latency of formation of a tumor», «the law of primacy of fabric damage with the subsequent long regeneration», «the law of formation of a tumoral rudiment» (see the Carcinogenesis). He investigated also genetic problems of oncology. B. Fischer-Vazelsa interested the general questions of biology and medicine, in particular his work «Vitalism and pathologists I» is known (1924).

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