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FIRST-AID ANTIGAS KIT (FAAK) — individual means for decontamination of OV which got on open sites of skin and clothes for the purpose of the prevention of the general defeat of an organism and focal lesions. The design of a package shall be simple, convenient in use, strong; to provide carrying out decontamination in the shortest possible time, to maintain long-term storage without loss of functional properties. The decontaminating compounding of IPP shall provide neutralization of all known OV of percutaneous action and usually includes the substances capable to dissolve OV, to enter actively with them chemical reactions with formation of harmless initial products.

Diagrammatic representation of a one-liquid first-aid antigas kit: 1 — a habit view (and — the line of opening of a cover of a package); 2 — vatnomarlevy tampons; 3 — a bottle with the decontaminating structure.

Decontaminators in IPP can be in the form of liquids, powders and ointments. Liquid decontaminators are solutions of chemical reagents in water or organic solvents; powders represent mix of chemical reagents and adsorbents; ointments — composition from solvents, chemical reagents and fillers (adsorbents).

The way of use of IPP is defined by its design and features of a decontaminator. In case of liquid structures processing of skin and clothes comes down to wetting and wiping of the infected surface plentifully moistened wadded and gauze tampons. At the same time sites of clothes on which OV got shall be wet by the decontaminating structure to a body. During the processing by a powdery decontaminator the infected surface is powdered by the powder which is, as a rule, in a fabric sack which then is slightly rubbed by a tampon in skin or fabric of clothes. The decontaminating ointment is applied and smeared on the infected surface of skin by a napkin.

In a typical case of IPP consists of the decontaminating structure, the capacity (vessel) for its storage, appliers of structure, an instruction with instructions for use and of packaging (fig). In some samples of IPP there are antidotes for rendering most and mutual assistance at defeats of OV.

Processing of IPP of skin and clothes of the people infected with OV shall be made immediately after infection, after putting on of a gas mask. At the delayed processing efficiency of decontamination sharply decreases. The best decontaminating effect is reached during the processing by liquid structures.

The decontaminating substances entering IPP and products of their interaction with OV can cause irritation of skin. For the prevention of a dermatosis it is necessary to wash within the first days the processed sites of skin warm water with soap.

See also Decontamination , Cleansing .

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