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FYNSEN Niels (Finsen Niels Ryberg, 1860 — 1904) is the Danish

physiotherapist, the Nobel Prize laureate (1903).

In 1890 ended medical f-t Copenhagen un-that. Till 1893 worked as the prosector.

From 1896 to 1904 the director of the phototherapy based by it Ying-that in Copenhagen.

The main scientific works N. Fynn of Yeon are devoted to studying fiziol. actions of sunshine and artificial light sources on an organism. It successfully applied results of the scientific research in a wedge, practice; suggested an original design of an arc lamp for to lay down. uses of ultraviolet radiation of an electric arch.

The Nobel Prize is awarded to it for a contribution to studying biol. actions also to lay down. uses of UV rays, in particular at a tuberculosis cutis. Works: From Anvendelse i Medicinen af kon-centrerede kemiske Lysstraaler, Kobenhavn, 1896; Meddelelser fra Finsens medicinske Lysinstitut, Kobenhavn, 1899;

La photothe-330 of the FISC — SABBAROU

the rapic METHOD, R., 1899; From Bekaempelse af Lupus vulgaris, Kobenhavn, 1902.

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