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FYNLYA Carlos (Finlay at de Bar-res Carlos Juan, 1833 — 1915) is the Cuban doctor and the organizer of health care.

After the termination in 1855 of medical college of Jefferson in Philadelphia (USA) improved the knowledge in University - with and a theta x e a rma of scientific research institute and France. Was returned to Cuba in 1870.

K. Finlya in 1881 the first suggested and proved that a carrier of yellow fever (see) the mosquito of Aedes aegyp-ti is. He developed the system of measures of fight against this disease including creation of «mosquito» crews, protection of patients against stings of mosquitoes, evacuation and isolation of patients, elimination of the centers of dwelling and reproduction of insects, disinsection of rooms. The plan of elimination of epidemic of yellow fever developed by it in 1898 in Havana was carried successfully out. Only after it, and also thanks to conclusions of the special commission on yellow fever led by doctor W. Reed of work of K. Finley in this area in 1902 were recognized as the Cuban Academy of medical and natural sciences as opening. However because K. Finley's role in establishment of the fact of transfer of yellow fever mosquitoes and development of measures of fight against it continued to be disputed, in particular in the USA, the question of its priority was considered and was confirmed in 1954 on XIV and in 1956 on the XV International congresses of historians of medicine.

To. The financial leu made the significant contribution to the organization of health care in Cuba. He was the first director of the department of health care (from 1902 to 1909), was an initiator of creation of the first sanitary code of Cuba. Also K. Finley's works devoted to malaria are known. to tuberculosis, leprosy, questions of occupational health and dignity. statistics.

In honor of his merits in Cuba Finley's award awarded for outstanding works in the field of public health care is founded. Name K. Financial leu it is appropriated Ying-that tropical medicine and to the Museum of history of medicine of Academy of Sciences of Cuba. The revolutionary government of Cuba in 1961 made the decision on establishment of Day of medicine of Latin America, to-ry it is noted annually on December 3 and is dated for birthday To. Financial leu.

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