FILOMAFITSKY Alexey Matveevich

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FILOMAFYTSKY Alexey Matveevich (1807 — 1849) is a domestic physiologist, the founder of the Moscow physiological school.

In 1824 — 1828 studied as medical f-those Kharkiv un-that, in 1828 — 1833 — in Derpt-sky professorial in-those. In 1833 protected dokt. the thesis on «About Breath of Birds». In 1833 — 1835 worked abroad for I. Müller. Since 1835 professor of physiology and the general pathology, and since 1847 professor of physiology and a comparative anatomy medical f-that Moscow un-that.

A. M. Filomafitsky was one of propagandists of an experimental method in domestic physiology. He resolutely opposed speculative physiophilosophy, D. M. Vellansky and I. Müller's idealistic views, created the first Russian textbook of physiology («The physiology published for the guide of the listeners»,

1836 — 1840).

A. F. Filomafitsky was an advocate of the vivisektsionno-surgical direction in physiology. Being a large experimenter, he successfully developed a number of questions of physiology of breath and digestion, made a hypothesis of the cyclic nature of nervous activity. Together with the surgeon V. A. Basov conducted one of the first experiments on creation of artificial fistula of a stomach. Its works on problems of hemotransfusion had great scientific value (see). A. M. Filomafitsky investigated influence on an organism of vapors of sulphuric ether. In parallel with N. I. Pirogov he developed a method of an intravenous anesthesia (see. Not inhalation anesthesia).

A. M. Filomafitsky was uche-nym-innovator. He applied new methods of a research and offered a number of devices of own design, including the device for hemotransfusion, invented a mask for etherization, the first in Russia applied a microscope to a research of blood cells. Scientific activity of A. M. Filomafitsky promoted formation of the materialistic direction in domestic physiology and medicine.

Works: De avium respiratione, diss., Dorpati — Livonorum, 1833; The Physiology published for the guide of the listeners, p.1 — 2, M., 1836 — 1840; About manifestation of life in all kingdoms of the nature, M., 1844;

The Treatise about hemotransfusion (as the only means in many cases to save the dying-away life) made in the historical, physiological and surgical relation, M., 1848; Physiological view of the use of ethers, chloroform and gasoline as the substances dulling nervous activity, Voyen. - medical zhurn., p. 53, No. 1, page 31, 1849.

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