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FILM-FORMING DRUGS — the medicines representing volatile liquids to-rye later evaporation of solvent form a strong elastic film on skin, wound or burn surfaces. On set of properties they can be considered as liquid plasters (see).

In medical practice of Pct use hl. obr. as substitutes of dressing materials, for processing and protection of skin wounds against infection, treatment of pustulous and some fungus diseases of skin, and also for preparation of hands of medical staff for the surgeries and manipulations demanding observance of an asepsis.

Also aids are a part of Pct medicinal. From medicinal substances include hl in Pct. obr. the connections having the expressed antimicrobic properties (antiseptic agents, antibiotics, antifungal means, etc.). Along with antimicrobic means include in separate Pct also substances with antiinflammatory activity or other types of local action. From aids film-forming bases (e.g., ethyl cellulose, pitch, BMK-5, etc.), plasticizers (e.g., linaetholum, castor or other vegetable oils), solvents of bases and medicinal substances (alcohol, acetone, etc.) are a part of Pct. The structure of the Items produced in aerosol cans except the specified aids, includes propellants (e.g., hladona).

In the USSR the following Pct are developed and offered for medical practice: lifuzol, Neothysolum, umbezol and tserigel.

Lifusolum — transparent yellow liquid with a smell of acetone. Structure: Furacilin of 0,008 g, BMK-5 pitch — 4 g, linaetholum of 0.3 g, acetone of 33,7 g, hladon 11 and 12 (50: 50) — 127 g.

Apply to protection of operational wounds and postoperative skin seams against infection, to protection and treatment of small skin wounds. Besides, drug can be used for sealing of places of an exit through skin of catheters, drainages, spokes, etc., and also for prevention of maceration of skin at a tracheostoma and fistulas.

Drug in the form of an aerosol spray from a cylinder from distance 10 — 15 cm from the processed surface during 1 — 2 sec. On the same surface drug is applied bucketed 15 — 20 sec. is triple.

The processed areas if necessary (e.g., in the presence of separated from wounds or fistulas) drain previously. The formed protective film remains on skin within 6 — 8 days and can be removed with alcohol, acetone or ether.

Side effect lifuzolya is shown by short morbidity on site of use and sometimes skin allergic reactions.

Lifuzol it is impossible to apply to processing of the extensive, bleeding, becoming wet or contaminated wounds and at the expressed inflammatory changes in area of a wound.

Release in aerosol cans with a capacity of 170 ml.

Store far from fire, heating devices and direct sunshine at a temperature of 12 — 25 °.

Neotisolum — dense transparent liquid with a specific smell. Structure: Neomycinum of sulfate — 0,0625 g, ethyl cellulose and castor oil on 2 g, alcohol of ethyl absolute 22,67 g, hladon 11 and 12 (50: 50) — 53,33 g.

Apply to roughing-out of small injuries of skin (a graze, cracks, cuts) and uncomprehensive thermal burns, and also to prevention of pustulous diseases of skin at microtraumas.

Drug in the form of an aerosol spray from distance 10 — 15 cm from the processed surface during 1 — 2 sec. Spraying of drug is made bucketed 15 — 30 sec. is triple. The contaminated wounds clear previously by means of hydrogen peroxide or wash out water with soap and drain.

Side effect neotizolya is shown by short-term pain and signs of irritation of skin. At the same time the formed film needs to be removed by means of alcohol, ether or chloroform.

Neothysolum it is contraindicated in the same cases, as lifuzol (see above).

Release in aerosol cans with a capacity of 80 ml.

Store far from fire, heating devices and direct sunshine, at the room temperature.

Umbesolum — liquid with a smell of almond essence. Structure: undecylenic to - you are 2%, the benzoic to - you are 1,5%, salicylic to - you are 2%, polyvinylpirrolidone — 2,5%, on-livinilbutiralya — 0,7%, ethyl celluloses — 0,5%, almond essence — 1,5%, alcohol — 26,3%, hladon 11 and 12 (50: 50) — 63%.

Has fungicidal and antimicrobic effect, reduces an itch and perspiration, promotes epithelization of the injured skin. Apply at dermato-and keratomycoses, at superficial candidiasis.

Before use define individual portability of drug, applying it on a limited surface (apprx. 5 cm 2 ) for 24 hours. In the absence of the expressed local irritative effect an aerosol of drug spray on the centers of mycotic damage from distance 25 — 30 cm from their surface. Spraying is made so that all surface of defeat and the healthy skin surrounding it on 1 — 2 cm were covered with a uniform layer. On processing of 100 cm 2 surfaces spend up to 6 — 8 g of drug, spraying it during 6 — 8 sec. Drug is used 1 time in 2 — 3 days. Duration of a course of treatment depends on a variety of reasons (extensiveness of defeat, localization, a type of the activator) and averages apprx. 10 — 17 days.

Side effect umbezolya is shown by signs of irritation of skin and strengthening a moknutiya (especially eczematic centers) that demands drug withdrawal.

Drug is contraindicated at the phenomena of individual intolerance.

Produce 80, 100 and 200 ml in aerosol cans.

Store cylinders in vertical position in the place protected from light, far from fire and sources of heat.

Cerigelum — colorless, opalescent, vyazkovaty liquid with a smell of alcohol, well ether-soluble, alcohol and other organic solvents. Structure: cetylpyridinia-chlorides 0,2 of h polivinilbutiralya 4 h, alcohol of ethyl 95% of 100 h.

During the drawing on skin forms an elastic film and has disinfecting effect.

Apply to preparation of hands of medical staff for the surgeries and manipulations which are carried out in aseptic conditions (preparation of blood, production of some sterile drugs, etc.).

Apply 3 — 4 g of drug on dry skin of hands and during 8 — 10 sec. carefully pound that drug evenly covered palmar and dorsums of hands, interdigital intervals and the lower thirds of forearms. Then hands dry up on air or under the fan within 2 — 3 min. At the same time fingers shall be slightly bent and shall not adjoin with each other.

After use the film is deleted from skin with alcohol.

Produce 400 ml in glass bottles.

Store in well corked glasswares in usual conditions.

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V. K. Muratov.