FILATOV Vladimir Petrovich

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FILATOV Vladimir Petrovich (1875 — 1956) is an outstanding Soviet ophthalmologist, the academician of AN of USSR (1939) and the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1944), Hera of Socialist Work (1950), the winner of the State award (1941), zasl. scientist (1935).

In 1897 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. Worked as the intern in eye clinic un-that and eye-tse, since 1903 — in eye clinic Novorossiysk un-that in Odessa headed by S. S. Golovin. In 1908 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «The Doctrine about Cellular Poisons in Ophthalmology». From 1911 to 1956 the head of the department of eye diseases medical f-that Novorossiysk un-that (since 1919 — Odessa medical in-t). Along with 1936 until the end of life the director of scientific research institute of ophthalmology in Odessa (nowadays Odessa scientific research institute of eye diseases and fabric therapy of the academician V. P. Filatov of M3 of USSR).

V. P. Filatov is the author of the St. 430 scientific works devoted to problems of ophthalmology, general surgery and fabric therapy. In 1917 the original method of a plastic surgery — plastic on the round stalk which received the name «bucket-handle graft» was offered them (see. Skin plastics, Plastic surgeries). This method found broad application, including in the period of the Great Patriotic War (1941 — 1945).

Outstanding achievement of world ophthalmology was the original method of a keratoplasty developed by V. P. Filatov (see the Keratoplasty). He considerably improved the equipment of a partial through keratoplasty, designed original and safe tools for excision of an opening in a cataract, to-ry successfully apply and now. Since 1931 G1. Filatov began to use widely for a keratoplasty the cornea received from a corpse preserved at the lowered temperature. It brought a lot of new in studying of problems of glaucoma (see), traumatism of eyes, trachoma (see) etc. In 1933

P. Filatov offered an original method of treatment — fabric therapy (see), edges was widely adopted in ophthalmology, gerontology and other fields of medicine, implemented a number of fabric medicines in production.

V. P. Filatov was the organizer of the first-ever protivoglaukomny clinic.

The state award is conferred for development of a method of change of a cornea of an eye and for works on medical therapy as fabrics. In 1951 for outstanding merits in the field of medicine and biology the Presidium of Academy of Sciences of the USSR awarded him with the Gold medal of I. I. Mechnikov. V. P. Filatov was elected the deputy of the Supreme Council of USSR of a number of convocations. It was among founders of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

The award of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences of V. P. Filatov (see Awards nominal) awarded for the best scientific works in the field of surgery of an eye and plastic surgery is founded.

It is awarded by four Orders of Lenin, awards of Patriotic war

of the I degree, the Labour Red Banner and medals.

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