FILATOV Neil Fedorovich

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FILATOV Neil Fedorovich (1847 — 1902) is an outstanding domestic pediatrician, one of founders of pediatrics in Russia.

Got a medical education in Moscow where studied at G. A. Zakharyin, N. A. Toljsky,

A. Ya. Kozhevnikov. After the termination un-that in 1869 worked as the territorial doctor in the Penza province. From 1872 to 1874 trained abroad in children's clinics of Vienna, Prague, Heidelberg. Upon return from abroad worked as the intern in the Moscow children's Sofia hospital (nowadays children's hospital No. 13 of N. F. Filatov). In 1876 protected dokt. the thesis on «To a Question of the Relation of Bronchitis to Acute Catarral Pneumonia». Since 1876 the privatdozent of department of obstetrics, female and children's diseases medical f-that Moscow un-that. Since 1891 until the end of life was professor of department of children's diseases and the director of children's clinic Moscow un-that.

In 25 years of scientific and teaching activity N. F. Filatov made the significant contribution to development of world pediatrics. He is the author of St. 70 scientific works, among to-rykh the «Short textbook of children's diseases» (1893) which sustained 12 editions and «Clinical lectures» (1900). Its monograph «Lectures about Acute Infectious Diseases» (1885) sustained

4 editions, «Semiotics and diagnosis of children's diseases» (1890) — 9 editions, it is translated into the German, Czech, Italian, Hungarian and French languages. According to monographs and N. F. Filatov's guides many generations of vra-whose-pediatricians studied.

In 1885 it described inf. the disease called by it a scarlatinous rubella (see. Scarlatinal rubella). Later it was described by the English doctor Dyyuks (To. Dukes); one of nowadays used names of this disease — Filatov's disease — Dyyuks. In the same 1885 in the first edition of «Lectures about infectious diseases» N. F. Filatov described the infectious mononucleosis, not known till that time (see the Mononucleosis infectious), to-ry it called an idiopathic inflammation of cervical lymphatic glands. This disease and is quite often called now Filatov's disease.

In 1895 II. F. Filatov described an important diagnostic character of measles — emergence in the catarral period of a disease for 1 — 2 day before emergence of skin rash of dot grayish-white rashes on a mucous membrane of lips and cheeks. As it was established later, this sign was for the first time described by A. P. Velsky in 1890, then irrespective of it N. F. Filatovsh, and in 1896. Cop-sided (H. Koplik). In literature this symptom is known as Velsky's spot — Filatov — the Cop of a face (see Measles).

In 1887 on a basis gistol. researches, clinical and epidemiological observations N. F. Filatov established that the so-called scarlatinal diphtheria regarded as accession to scarlet fever of diphtheria, actually represents the necrosis of a mucous membrane of a pharynx caused by the causative agent of scarlet fever.

N. F. Filatov described a pathogeny of some forms of an edematous syndrome at children, published works about long fever-free forms of flu. N. F. Filatov developed the kliniko-physiological direction in pediatrics. He created large school of domestic pediatricians. Among his pupils there were V. I. Molchanov and G. N. Speransky.

N. F. Filatov was one of organizers and the chairman Ob-va of children's doctors of Moscow, took part in work of Society of the Russian doctors in Moscow (see).

The award of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences of N. F. Filatov (see Awards nominal) for the best scientific work in the field of pediatrics is founded.

A portrait see on an insert, Art. 336.

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