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FILARIASES (filariatosis, fi-lariosis, the singular) — the helminthoses of the person caused by roundworms — filarias and characterized by a long current, preferential damage of lymphatic system, hypodermic cellulose, internals, and also eyes.

Depending on localization of puberal individuals of helminths F. divide into diseases with preferential defeat limf, systems (lymphatic filariases) — vukhererioz (see), brugioz (see) and T. with defeat of hypodermic cellulose, serous covers, eyes — an onchocercosis (see), a loasis (see), akanpgo-heylonematoz (see), a mansonelliasis


T. are eurysynusic in tropical and subtropical zones of the globe. The social and economic loss caused F., it is huge.

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H. N. Ozeretskovskaya.