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FIELD MOBILE HOSPITAL (FMH) — the military-medical medical institution intended for rendering in field conditions of the qualified and specialized medical aid and hospitalization struck and patients. PPG, being a stage of medical evacuation (see. Evacuation medical ), it can be developed out of settlements, using regular tent fund for these purposes. Standard complete and organic equipment, the field medical equipment, the regular motor transport provide bystry expansion, coagulation and moving of hospital to the appointed districts. PPG is staffed by doctors of various specialties, average and younger medical, and also support personnel. PPG is independent military unit.

The first PPG in Russia was created during the Russian-Turkish war 1735 — 1739 tg. at the initiative of P.3. Kondoidi for the purpose of streamlining of treatment of the patients and wounded who are at field army. In 1829 case PPG were founded. «The provision on military-medical institutions» provided 1887 formation of PPG at the rate of 4 hospitals on each «first-priority» division (on 210 places everyone), from to-rykh 2 divisions were given, and 2 were under authority of field management of army. During World War I given to the PPG divisions began to be called as infirmaries of divisions, but not given — army PPG.

In Red Army prior to the beginning of the 40th there were divisional and army PPG. Experience of the Soviet-Finnish conflict of 1939 — 1940 showed inexpediency of inclusion of PPG in divisions in connection with difficulties of their full use in the conditions of quickly changing situation. In this regard divisional PPG were transferred to armies. At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War in armies there were unified PPG on 200 beds with the surgical and therapeutic departments intended for rendering medical aid and hospitalization of wounded and patients, however experience of medical ensuring fighting showed need of creation of independent surgical and therapeutic PPG. At the end of 1942 such PPG were created and functioned during all Great Patriotic War and with nek-ry organizational and regular changes remained to the middle of the 70th. In the subsequent the organization and equipment of PPG underwent the certain changes aimed at providing rendering the qualified and specialized medical aid struck and the patient with modern types of fighting pathology and their effective treatment.

Distinguish the PPG following main types: multi-profile, surgical, therapeutic, neurologic, infectious, etc. Multi-profile, neurologic and infectious PPG are specialized hospitals; they are intended for rendering the qualified and specialized medical aid to the corresponding contingents struck and patients without doubler by their doctors-spetsia by sheets. Specialization of surgical and therapeutic PPG is reached by giving of various groups of specialized medical aid by it, in structure to-rykh there are doctors of the corresponding profiles (neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists, otorhinolaryngologists etc.), paramedical staff; groups are equipped with necessary sets of medical property. Surgical PPG specialize according to the main contingents of wounded: for wounded in the head, a neck and a backbone; for wounded in a breast, a stomach, a basin; for wounded with fractures of long tubular bones and injury of large joints, etc. Perhaps also use of PPG as all-surgical hospital. Therapeutic PPG if necessary amplify toksiko-radiologich. groups for ensuring rendering specialized medical aid with the struck toxic agents and ionizing radiation.

PPG consists of management, medical and diagnostic departments, divisions, providing and service. The scheme of expansion of PPG is defined depending on type of hospital and character of the arriving contingents struck and patients.

PPG are used, as a rule, as a part of GB (their departments); their task — reception, rendering the qualified and specialized medical aid, treatment of the corresponding contingents struck and patients, preparation them to further evacuation, treatment with the subsequent return to a system lightly wounded and sick. Perhaps also promotion of separate PPG to districts (boundaries) of emergence mass a dignity. losses, their expansion on the isolated directions.

See also Hospital military , Specialized medical care .

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