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FIELD MEDICAL EQUIPMENT — the pieces of medical property adapted for use (operation), storage and transportation in field conditions. The item of m of the lake includes complete military-medical equipment (see), field medical equipment (equipment and equipment), mobile medical and dignity. - those. installations on cars and automobile trailers, and also the standard equipment for first-aid posts of military units and field medical institutions (see. Field medical equipment ).

P.'s prototype of m of the lake can be considered laying with pharmaceuticals, tools and a dressing material, to-rymi from the middle of 17 century army and ship drugstores were provided. With development of military medicine (see. Meditsina military ) By the item of m of the lake it was improved, his list extended. Services various samples of the field medical machinery and equipment were developed and arrived on supply military medical. During their creation considered character and content of work of medical divisions, parts and institutions, to-rykh they intended for equipment, the requirements connected with use (operation) in field conditions, a possibility of industrial production.

Much attention to P.'s improvement was paid to m of the lake in the 30th years and in the period of the Great Patriotic War. On equipment of medical service field X-ray departments, marching operating rooms and dressing tables, the oxygen equipment, various a dignity arrived. - tekhn, installations, etc. M of the lake, especially fruitful for further development of P., were post-war decades. Contents, norms and P.'s sheets of m of the lake are systematically revised.

The item of m of the lake shares on: 1) the individual equipment intended for rendering first aid (see) and given out in wartime to all staff of Armed Forces — the first-aid kit individual (see. First-aid kits ), package dressing individual (see), first-aid antigas kit (see), tablets for disinfecting of an individual deposit of moisture (see. Pantocidum ); 2) equipment of aircraft, fighting vehicles, military equipment — the first-aid kit onboard and the first-aid kit army, intended for rendering most and mutual assistance by members of crews; 3) equipment hospital attendant (see) and sanitary instructor (see) — a bag medical army, a strap sanitary, etc.; 4) the equipment of medical divisions, parts and institutions including various sets of medical property, the narcotic and respiratory equipment, autodressing, disinfection and shower installations, the field medical equipment, etc. (see. Battalion medical aid station , Medical and sanitary battalion , Field mobile hospital , Regimental medical aid station ).

Items of m of the lake store with observance of the rules established for medical property (see). Special attention is paid on reliable preservation of technical devices.

Bibliography: Grant on medical supply of Red Army, under the editorship of P. M. Zhuravlev and K. D. Timankov, page 28, 298, M., 1944.

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