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FIBS (Fibs pro injectionibus) — the biogenic stimulator received from distillation of lemon dirt. Contains coumarins (0.07 — 0,12 g/l) and cinnamon to - that (0,3 — 0,4 g! л). A colorless liquid with a peculiar smell, pH 4,6 — 5,4. Will sterilize at i ° 120 ° within 1 hour.

Apply to treatment of nek-ry eye diseases (a blepharitis, a keratitis, conjunctivitis, an opacity of the vitreous body, a miopichesky chorioretinitis, an iridocyclitis, etc.). and also at arthritises, mialgi-yakh and radiculitises, periodontosis.

Appoint subcutaneously 1 ml

courses (from 30 to 35 injections) once a day.

It is contraindicated at heavy «with e r dechno-sos at a yew you x diseases, acute went. - kish. frustration, a serious illness of kidneys and in late durations of gestation (after 7 months).

Form of release: in ampoules on

1 ml. Storage: in the place protected from light.

See also Biogenn ye stimulators.

D. N. Samoylov.