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FIBROMA (fibroma; lat. fibra fiber + - from) — the benign tumor formed by mature

elements of connecting fabric.

The term «fibroma» which is very distributed earlier was applied to designation of many fibrous defeats, including. fibromatoses (see). Nek-ry researchers doubt existence F., others describe the fibromas of various localization meeting at any age, approximately with identical frequency at men and women. In the International histologic classification of tumors of soft tissues (1969) are allocated: firm fibroma; soft fibroma — a fibrolipoma (see the Lipoma); deratofibroma (see), a histiocytoma (see), a sclerosing hemangioma (see. And ngiofibroma)', elastofibroma. From them to actually F. it is possible to carry only firm F. — well delimited growth of connecting fabric mature and rich with collagen, a cut often has a leg and is localized on a body surface and mucous membranes. Other forms F. are the mixed defeats; are formed by mature connecting and fatty tissue (fibrolipoma), fib-roblastichesky and histiocytic elements (deratofibroma), bunches of collagenic fibers and oxyphilic homogeneous substance, painted like elastic fabric (elastofibroma).

According to Lattes (R. Lattes, 1982), use of the term «fibroma» is reasonable to limit and to use it only for designation pedunkulyarny, i.e. having a leg, and the threadlike inborn cutifications consisting of normal connective tissue fibers of a derma. The wedge, a picture of such benign tumors of skin is characterized, as a rule, by the symptoms arising at traumatization of a tumor, an inflammation, etc.

Treatment operational. Forecast favorable.

See also Skin, connective tissue tumors. century M. Blinov.