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FIBROADENOMA (fibroadenoma; lat. fibra fiber - j-Greek aden of iron - r - from) — the benign tumor which is characterized by proliferation of an epithelium together with a surrounding stroma.

Most often F meets. a mammary gland, in a cut it is quite often combined with manifestations of a mastspa-tiya (see). Are described also F. ovaries, uterus, fallopian pipe.

Macroscopically F., as a rule, has the form of accurately delimited roundish or oval plotnoelastichesky node of various size. On a section fabric of grayish-white or grayish-pink color, fibrous, occasionally with small cysts and cracks. Sometimes F. can be multiple. Microscopically distinguish the perikanalikulyar-ny, intrakanalikulyarny and mixed F. Perikanalikulyarnaya F. it is characterized by proliferation of connecting fabric around channels, intrakanalikulyarny — growths of connecting fabric in a gleam of channels, to-rye take a form of fancy cracks. Mixed F. the combination of signs both perikanaliku-lyarny, and intrakanalikulyarny F is peculiar. Special form F. a mammary gland is leaflike (fil-loidny, or huge) F., edges, despite external looking alike usual F., it is characterized by diffusion or focal increase in quantity of stromal cells, as a rule, without signs of polymorphism.

Wedge, picture, diagnosis, treatment and forecast F. a mammary gland — cm. Mammary gland, tumors.

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V. M. Blinov.