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styptic means of local action.

The Fibrinny sponge received from fibrinogen (see) did not receive broad practical application. In modern medical practice for the purpose of a stop of capillary and parenchymatous bleedings use the absorbable gelatin sponge made of plasma of donor blood and a trombone of a lastin. Besides, with the same purpose apply an absorbable collagenic and gelatinous gelatin sponge (see. Styptic means).

Fibrinny film — biologically active plastic material. In medical practice use an isogenic fibrinny film, edges are represented by the fibrin (see) received from plasma of donor blood and impregnated 70% with water solution of glycerin. During the imposing on a wound surface the fibrinny film protects a wound from bruises and penetration of contagiums, creates favorable conditions for an angenesis, promotes bystry healing. Besides, the fibrinny film has styptic properties. It is applied locally to treatment of trophic ulcers (see) and burns (see), especially with bent to the raised bleeding, for closing of extensive scalped wounds and other defects of skin of a traumatic origin, prevention of commissural process at various band operations, substitutions of defects of a firm meninx. At treatment of burns and trophic ulcers the fibrinny film before imposing on a wound surface is perforated for creation of a possibility of outflow of a wound secret.

It is contraindicated at plentiful purulent separated from a wound, and also at deep burns to department of nekrotizirovanny fabrics.

The Fibrinny film is released in the form of sterile plates of 8x8 cm and 10 X 10 cm in size on cellophane laying in hermetically the soldered ampoules.

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