FIBIGER Johannes

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FYBIGER Johannes (Fibiger Johannes Andreas. 1867 — 1928) — the Danish microbiologist, the Nobel Prize laureate (1926).

R. Koch and E. Beringa's pupil. In 1900 — 1905 the director of Institute of clinical bacteriology and at the same time (since 1900) professor of pathology Copenhagen un-that.


Nobel Prizes Y. Fibiger is awarded for works on studying of the parasites who are allegedly an origin of a carcinoma of the stomach (see the Stomach). In 1913 he described at experimental rats of a tumor of a stomach, arisen during the feeding by it of the cockroaches infected with larvae of a helminth of a spiropte-ra and on this basis drew an incorrect conclusion on their oncogenous action (see Oncology experimental). In the next years I lac with and (R. D. Passey) and M.JLeese it was proved that the growths of an epithelium described by Y. Fi-biger result from avitaminosis. Y. Fibiger's works promoted development of experimental oncology. in particular to a research of effect of oncogenous substances.

Works: Untersuchung iiber eine Nematode

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Bibliography: Clemmesen J. Johannes Fibiger, Copenhagen, 1978.