FETURVOV Konstantin Mikhaylovich

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FETURVOV Konstantin Mikhaylovich (1887 — 1961) is the Soviet obstetrician-gynecologist, the member correspondent

of AMH (1946). Major general of medical service.

Ended VMA in 1912 and it was left the intern in an obstetric ginekologiche with to about y to clinic of academy.

Since 1919 the senior doctor of a shooting regiment of Red Army, and since 1920

a ?pomoshchnik of the chief physician of clinical military hospital. Since 1921 assiyetent departments of obstetrics and gynecology of VMA. In 1923 protected dokt. the thesis on «About Anatomic Justifications of Rational Operation of an Incontience of Urine at Women». Since 1931 professor, and then the chief of department of obstetrics and gynecology of VMA.

K. M. Figurnov is the author of 67 scientific works, a part to-rykh is devoted to anatomic justification of operative measures concerning an incontience of urine (see) at women, resulted from a birth trauma. The original method of surgical treatment of this disease is offered them. He also developed the method of definition of duration of gestation considering constitutional features of the woman. He was an initiator of implementation in our country biol. diagnostic methods of pregnancy, together with N. S. Babkina modified and implemented in practice Friedman's reaction (see Friedman reaction). K. M. Figurnov possesses works about cyclic changes in an endometria, perforation of a uterus at abortions, about operational cancer therapy of a uterus. He also investigated social problems of gynecology. It possesses the monograph «Work and Pregnancy».

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Row of works of K. M. Figurnov is devoted to studying in experimental conditions of influence of some toxic agents on the course of pregnancy and posterity, a burn injury on pregnancy, ionizing radiation on the item of N of village, the course of pregnancy and a lactation.

At the initiative of K. M. Figurnov in the USSR systematic studying of endometriosis was begun (see).

K. M. Figurnov was an editor of a redotdel «Obstetrics and gynecology» of the 2nd BME edition. It is awarded by the Order of Lenin, two awards of the Red banner and medals.

Works: Definition of duration of gestation in its second half, M. — L., 1929 (sovm. with Libovy B. A.); Definition of duration of gestation and prenatal issue, L., 1931 (sovm. with Libovy B. A.); History of development of the obstetric and gynecologic help in Russia and in the USSR, Mnogotomn. the management on akush. and ginek., under the editorship of L. S. Per-sianinov, t. 1, page 54, M., 1961; Thermal burns of skin at women during a menstrual cycle and pregnancy at them, Works of the 1st congress akush. - ginek. RSFSR, page 263, L., 1961; Clinical

lectures on the elected heads of obstetrics, century 1 — 3, L., 1963 — 1969 (sovm. with Makarov R. R.); Determination of term of prenatal issue of pregnant women, Mnogotomn. the management on akush. and ginek., under the editorship of L. S. Persianinov, t. 2, book 1, page 277, M., 1963.

Bibliography: Memories K. M. Figurnova, Akush. and ginek., No. 1, page 125, 1962.

Century of II. Baskakov, I. I. Yakovlev.