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FETOAMNIOGRAFYYa (Latin of fetus generation, posterity + Greek amnion a fetal membrane - f-grapho to write, represent) — X-ray inspection of a fruit and a cavity of amnion after administration of radiopaque substances.

T. allows to specify placental presentation, the provision of a fruit and its parts, to estimate its maturity and functional capacity, to define existence of polycarpous pregnancy, a condition of a placenta { see the Placenta, the Fruit). Indications are the clinical, laboratory or medicogenetic data indicating a possibility of existence inborn (hereditary or not hereditary) pathologies of a fruit with a risk degree, a pre-vysha of yushchy 1,5 — 2% •

T. do not apply in early durations of gestation and make it only if by means of usual a wedge, methods of a research and ultrasonic scanning (see. Ultrasonic diagnosis) is not possible to make the diagnosis. As contraindications serve the states menacing with abortion, existence inf. process, intolerance of iodinated drugs.

Fig. of Fetoamniografiya is normal (a direct projection): at longitudinal situation and head presentation accurately a game-turiruyutsya soft tissues, correctly created skeleton and radiopaque substance (it is specified by shooters) in digestive tract of a fruit.

Though sovrekhmenny technology of performance of amniocentesis, use of perfect X-ray technical devices and use of low-toxic X-ray contrast agents reduce possible complications to a minimum, T. in connection with complexity and an insecurity of a research it is necessary to make only in specialized rentgenol. offices and on strict a wedge, to indications. At F. carry out the minimum quantity of roentgenograms, considering a possibility of an adverse effect of the procedure on a condition of the woman, a fruit and the subsequent course of pregnancy.


At F. usually enter two radiopaque substances (see). One of them, water-soluble (Urografinum, Urotrastum, etc.), contrasts an amniotic cavity, a placenta and went. - kish. path of a fruit. Another, oil, from group of Iofendylatums, konturirut soft parts of a fruit. Administration of radiopaque substances is carried out through a front abdominal wall of the pregnant woman by amniocentesis (see). T. make usually in the third trimester of pregnancy (see) therefore on roentgenograms also sites of a skeleton of a fruit (fig.) are visible.

Disturbance of fetation comes to light on the roentgenograms executed in direct and side projections, various defects of separate parts of a fruit, its weak contrasting went. - kish.

path, indistinct konturirovaniye of soft tissues; also wrong provision of a fruit, napr, its omission (collapse), defect of filling of an amniotic cavity can be revealed at pathology of a placenta. Lack of radiopaque substance in went. - kish. a path of a fruit confirms death of a fruit or pathology went. - kish. a path, napr, atresias of a gullet (see the Gullet), and also about a malformation of a brain — an anencephalia (see the Brain), existence of a crevice of an upper jaw, the sky (see the Sky, Jaws), etc.

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I. P. Korolyuk.