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FESSAR Alfred (Fessard Alfred, 1900 — 1982) is the French neurophysiologist, the member of the French Academy of Sciences and National medical academy.

Ended in 1925 f-t of physics and physiology Parisian un-that (Sorbonne). Worked in Pyeron's laboratory (H. Pie-ron) in the College de Frans, in 1936 protected dokt. thesis. From 1943 to 1949 the director of laboratory; from 1949 to 1972 professor of general physiology in the College de Frans and at the same time the director of the center of physiological researches of a nervous system organized by it in 1949; was also the director of the National center of scientific research (1947 — 1972).

The main researches of A. Fessa-r are devoted to problems of an electrophysiology of a cell, mechanisms of activity of a brain. It possesses a merit of implementation of electrophysiologic methods in practice scientific and a wedge, researches in France; the possibility of an uslovnoreflektorny depression of an a-rhythm of EEG was opened for them; fundamental works on physiology of electric bodies of fishes are performed. A. Fessar and his employees among the first carried out intracellular recording of activity of neurons; proved that touch information extends in a brain much more widely, than it was possible to conclude from the evoked potentials given to registration; compared behavior of animals with changes of the bioelectric activity of a brain registered by means of chronically implanted electrodes.

And. Fessar was the honorary member of academies and the countries, scientific about-in a row, one of founders of the International organization for studying of a brain (IBRO), the member of executive committee and central office of IBRO, the secretary general of Association of physiologists (1968 — 1972).

Works: Proprietes rythmiques de la matiere vivante, t. 1—2, P., 1936; Organes des sens, P., 1939; Correlations neurophysiologiques de la formation des reflexes conditionnels, in book: Le conditionnement et l’apprentis-sage, publ. par M. - A. Fessard e. a., p. 1, P., 1958; The Analysis of short circuit of temporary bonds at the level of neurons, in book: Electroencephalograph. issled. vyssh. nervn. deit., under the editorship of G. D. Smirnov, page 147, M., 1962; Electro receptors and other specialized receptors in lower vertebrates, B.,

1974 (sovm. with other) -

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