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FYORSTER Otfrid (Foerster Otfried, 1873 — 1941) is the German neuropathologist, one of founders of neurosurgery in Germany.

Studied medicine in high fur boots of Frey-burga, Kiel, and then Breslau (nowadays Wroclaw) where in 1897 was entitled the doctor of medicine. It was improved on neuropathology in Switzerland, then in Paris under the leadership of Zh. Dezherin. Since 1899 worked in Breslau in psychiatric clinic under the leadership of K. Vernike and at the same time in a municipal hospital of Ventsel Hanke. Since 1909 professor of department of neuropathology and psychiatry medical f-that un-that in Breslau.

O. Ferster published apprx. 50 scientific works on questions of localization of brain functions and a bog -

chesky diagnosis of diseases of a nervous system (see Motoriums, ways), diagnosis and surgical treatment of epilepsy, physiology and pathology of coordination of movements, symptomatology of defeats of pyramidal system, etc. He suggested is

to use a hyperventilation of lungs as priyekhm for provocation of an epileptic seizure; one of the first applied in clinical practice methods of a ventrikulografiya, an electroencephalography, etc.;

developed and offered the equipment of section of back roots of a spinal cord at a sciatica and other pain syndromes, and also for the purpose of reduction of ekstrapirakhmidny rigidity (see Neurosurgery). Editor and author of a number of heads of the capital multivolume guide to neurology.

In 1922 — 1924 by the invitation of the Soviet government took part in V. I. Lenin's treatment.

German about-in neurosurgeons (GDR) founded a medal of O. Ferster (1953).

Works: Die Phisiologie und Pathologie der Coordination, Jena, 1902; Die Kontraktu-ren der Pyramidenbahn, B., 1906;

Die Leitungsbahnen des Schmerzgefiihls und die chirurgische Behandlung der Schmerz-zustande, B., 1927; Motorische Felder und Bahnen, Handb. Neurol., hrsg. v. O. Bum-ke u. O. Foerster, Bd 6, S. 1, B., 1936; Ubungstherapie, ibid., Bd 8, S. 316.

Bibliography: Foerster Otfrid (1873 — 1941) J. Neurophysiol., v. 5, p. 1, 1942; Wei z-sacker V. Foerster Otfrid, Dtsch. Z. Nervenheilk., Bd 153, S. 1, 1941.

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