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FERRITYN — the complex protein relating to metalloproteins in a human body participates in reservation of iron. T. keeps three valent Fe (III) iron in non-toxic, soluble and easily available form.

T. it is found at vertebrate and backboneless animals, in flowering plants, mushrooms. In a human body and animals F. the hl contains. obr. in a liver, a spleen, marrow.

Normal concentration F. in a liver of the person fluctuates depending on a floor from 23,5 mg to 80,2 mgno0 of fabric, and in a spleen — from 40 to 80 laid down / 100 of fabric. At various patol. states — diseases of the hemopoietic system, tumors — contents F. in fabrics and bodies changes. So, quantity F. in tumoral fabric at cancer is nearly 5 times higher, than in intact tissue of the kidney affected with a tumor, and more than 10 times above than in the kidney which is not involved in tumoral process. At an iron deficiency anemia (see) in cells of marrow contents F. goes down.

T. it is painted in red-brown color, we will dissolve in water. Iron (see) in ferritin there is in a type of the hydrated hydroxide of trivalent Fe (III) iron, its maintenance

of ii F. makes 17 — 23% of the dry mass of protein. Proteinaceous part of a molecule F. — apoferritin has a pier. the weight (weight) apprx. 445 Ltd companies the pier also consists of 24 subunits. the weight of each of them is equal to 18 500. The dense mass of the hydrated ferric hydroxide is in the center of a molecule F. also occupies

space with a diameter of 7 to them. External diameter of a particle F. it is equal to about 12 nanometers.

Allocation F. it is based on its relative stability to heating.

Emergence of iron in cells of a mucous membrane of a small bowel (in the presence of iron in food) is followed by synthesis of an apoferritin of de novo. Believe that the iron which is in a reserve form as a part of F., it can be used for synthesis of hemoglobin (see), however the mechanism of mobilization of iron from <R. remains to in vivo insufficiently studied. Iron can be released as from intact molecules F., and from kernels of these molecules, apparently, by recovery. Bibliography: N. D. O scraps identification of ferritin in fabrics, Arkh. annate., gistol. and embriol., t. 42, No. 2, page 94, 1962; Ryabov S. I. and Sh about with t-:k and G. D. Molecular and genetic aspects of an erythrogenesis, D., 1973; Masso-V e of W. N of a. Cowley J. N of The ultrastructure of ferritin macromolecules, Proc. nat. Acad. Sci. (Wash.), v. 70, p. 3847, 1973; Oertel J.,

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