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FERN MEN'S [Dryopteris filix-mas (L.), Schott; synonym: buckler fern men's, Aspidium filix-mas Sw.] — a perennial sporous plant with the wintering rhizome this. mnogonozhkovy (Polypodiaceae). From P.'s rhizome of m receive the dense extract used as a helminthicide. The thick, slantwise rising rhizome on the lower party has a large number of roots and is covered with rusty-brown filmy scales. On an upper part of a rhizome the bunch of dvoyakoperistorassechenny leaves up to 1,2 m long (fig.) annually develops.

Fern men's

The item of m is eurysynusic in the crude shady woods almost in all territory of the USSR.

As medicinal raw materials collect rhizomes, to-rykh make preparation in the fall or in the early spring. Rhizomes clear of roots and the died-off roots, cut along and on several parts across and dry in warm rooms or dryers at a temperature not over 40 °.

Extract of a men's fern dense (Extractum Filicis maris spissum: GFH, joint venture. B) — the heavy slow-moving body of color, green or green with a brown shade, with a peculiar smell, the unpleasant «scratching» taste. It is water-insoluble, well ether-soluble also alcohol.

Active ingredients of drug are derivatives of phloroglucinol (filiksovy and flavaspidinovy to - you, flavaspidin, desaspidin, aspidinol, albaspidin), to-rye have ability to paralyze neuromuscular system of flat helminths.

Drug apply at teniidoza (see), diphyllobotriasis (see), hymenolepiasis (see) and metagonimosis (see).

At teniidoza, a diphyllobotriasis and a metagonimosis drug is appointed one-day courses. In 2 days prior to treatment of the patient translate on nutritious, but poor in fats, easily assimilable diet. On the eve of administration of drug the dinner is replaced with a glass of sweet tea or coffee and give salt laxative. Children up to 5 years as laxative are given infusion of Senna difficult or phenolphthalein. In day of treatment the patient is given an enema. Drug (capsular or in mix with jam, jam, sugar or honey) is accepted on an empty stomach in stages within 10 — 30 min. At emergence of nausea or vomiting absolute rest, a hot-water bottle on an anticardium, swallowing of ice, mint drops is recommended. In 30 min. after administration of drug give salt laxative, and in 1,5 — ■2 hours a light breakfast. If within three hours laxative has no effect, give an enema.

The adult drug 7 — 9 years 3 — 3,5 g, 10 — 12 years 3,5 g, 13 — 16 years 4 g appoint in doses 4 — 7 g, to children at the age of 2 years 1 g, 3 years 1,5 g, 4 years 2 g, 5—6 years 2 — 2,5 g.

At a hymenolepiasis 3 one-day courses of treatment with breaks on 7 days are recommended. Before each purpose of drug the same two-day preparation for deworming is carried out, as well as at other helminthoses (St. above). Drug is accepted on an empty stomach within 20 — 30 min. The adult appoint 1,5 — 2 g in doses, to children at the age of 2 years 0,2 g, 3 — 4 years 0,3 g, 5 — 6 years 0,5 g, 7 — 8 years 0,6 g, 9 — 10 years 0,7 g, 11 — 12 years 0,9 g, 13 — 14 years 1 g, 15 years and 1,5 g are more senior. If necessary repeated courses of treatment carry out not earlier than in 2 — 3 months.

At use of drug can be observed side effects, caused by its local irritative, reflex and resorptive effect. So, at irritation of mucous membranes went. - kish. a path there can be nausea, vomiting, a diarrhea. Sometimes the diarrhea happens bloody. Reflex reduction of a uterus at pregnancy can lead to an abortion. At resorptive action drug can cause a headache, dizziness, sometimes respiratory depression, weakening of cordial activity, a collapse, spasms, an abnormal liver function.

At the complications caused by drug (especially from the blood circulatory system and c. N c), do a gastric lavage and appoint hot-water bottles, hot drink, caffeine or Cordiaminum, noradrenaline or ephedrine, isotonic solution of sodium chloride. If necessary carry out oxygen therapy.

Drug it is contraindicated at a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, acute went. - kish. and feverish diseases, diseases of a liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system, exhaustion, anemia and pregnancy. Drug is not appointed to children up to 2 years and to persons 60 years are more senior. Treatment by extract of a men's fern is carried out only in a hospital under observation of the doctor.

Forms of release: capsular on 0,5 g in packaging on 14 pieces and in bottles. Storage: in densely corked bottles in the place protected from light. The grown brown drug is unsuitable to use.

See also Helminthicides .

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A. I. Krotov.