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FERKOVYoN (Fercovenum) — antianemic means; the combined iron preparation and cobalt for intravenous administration. In structure F. enter: saccharate of iron, gluconate of cobalt and carbohydrates.

Contains in 1 ml of a ferkoven apprx. 0,02 g of iron and 0,00009 g of cobalt.

Transparent liquid of henna-red color, sweetish taste, pH 11,0 — 12,0.

Apply to treatment of iron deficiency anemias (see) various etiology, hl. obr. at bad portability or bad absorbability of enterally appointed iron preparations. Existence in drug of cobalt promotes assimilation by an organism of iron, stimulates synthesis of hemoglobin, strengthens an erythrogenesis.

Treatment F. it has to be carried out in a hospital. Enter F. slowly intravenously once a day within 10 — 15 days, in the first 2 days — on

2 ml, further — on 5 ml. The amount of drug necessary on a course of treatment, is established individually and calculated by a special formula.

First introductions F. often are followed by emergence of side effects (face reddening and necks, feeling of compression in a thorax, a back pain), to-rye eliminate with hypodermic introduction 1 ml of 1% of solution of Omnoponum and 0,5 ml of 0,1% of solution of Atropini sulfas.

T. it is contraindicated at coronary insufficiency, an idiopathic hypertensia of II and III degrees, diseases of a liver.

Form of release: ampoules on 5 ml. Storage: at t ° not higher than 25 °.

E. IO. Lemina.